Wednesday 30 September 2015

Hell freezes over

Never in a billion years did I think I would defend Raheem Kassam of Breitbart but he's getting the same shtick I get about attacking his own side. He's not attacking his own side. This fight over the nomination to lead the referendum campaign is not a rift between eurosceptics. This is a fight between a eurosceptic peoples movement and a small band of (establishment) selfservatives who are trying to steal it from us and take it as their own. This we cannot allow.

If you are amputating a gangrenous leg, yes technically, you are "attacking your own side" but if you don't amputate, the infection will spread and kill the whole body. We don't want these SW1 parasites taking over and we don't want Tory fence sitters. The less we hear from politicians and parties the better - including Ukip.

The Times and the Tory inner circle is pretending Matthew Elliot's outfit will bring an air of moderate respectability to the referendum campaign in a way that the brash and populist Banks campaign, intractably linked to Ukip, cannot - but in the end, Kassam is right. The Tory position is untenable. To win this, we have to attack the Prime Minister, which Tories cannot be relied upon to do with enthusiasm or sincerity - and Elliot's crew cannot be trusted not to run off with the cash.

I stand by my view that Ukip cannot be central to the campaign and it's no secret that I think Bank's operation is thus far lamentable, but at the very least the rabble outside the bubble sincerely want to leave the EU. I'll take that over a bunch of Tory con artists.

That, however, is not an endorsement of Leave.EU. The Referendum Planning Group is meeting soon to put a third option on the table. We cannot hope to match Mr Bank's money, but we have precision guided missiles when all they have is cannon fodder.

We seek to recruit and train more and maybe turn some of this rabble into elite fighters. We will gladly accept Mr Bank's help if offered, and we shall extend our every courtesy to him in any case. If he's smart enough to know that Elliot and the Tory circle jerk shouldn't be in charge, then he's smart enough for me. But we're not waiting around for them to get their act together. 

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