Monday 2 November 2015

It rubs the lotion on its skin...

"Imagine the British government under David Cameron renegotiated our relationship with Europe..."

I tried to imagine that, but I lack the creative skills. It's too far into the realms of fantasy fiction. But then there's a more serious problem of syntax here. How can we renegotiate our relationship? A relationship implies mutual cooperation and respect. If I keep a girl chained up in the cellar and respond to all her emails on her behalf, updating her facebook statuses to give off the appearance that she's still a free citizen, she cannot by definition have a relationship with me - and she is certainly in no position to renegotiate the terms of that "relationship".

If there is a bond of trust it's more akin with Stockholm Syndrome, where there might be sympathy with the captor, and perhaps some underlying freudian sexual tension, but no outsider would define it as a relationship and would in fact call the police. David Cameron might as well be pleading with Joseph Fritzel. 

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