Thursday, 7 January 2016

Brexit: So that settles that

Ruth Lea, Dominic Cummings, Daniel Hannan, Nigel Farage, David Bannerman and all the eurosceptic aristocracy all need to shut up. This video, released by Stronger In shows their their collective incomprehension gives the opposition exactly what they want. They want to be able to show that we do not know what Brexit looks like.

We have argued from the start that their waffle would be problematic and that we should not contemplate going into a campaign without a credible Brexit plan. Those people chose to ignore that very advice and now they are causing very real problems for the Leave campaign. They are a liability. The more they speak, the more damage they do.

The case should now be clear. Business will not support a risky proposition. They have even said so. The dispute is now settled. They now have an obligation to fall into line. 

Above we see HSBC and Barclays saying that an EEA based exit plan wouldn't damage the City of London "too much". The inference of that is that a hard exit would cause "too much" damage and they would likely make good of their threat to quit the UK.

If Leavers now unite behind an EEA based solution then any further utterances of quitting the UK can be easily dismissed by way of quoting their own words. 

We can then leave behind the pointless bickering and focus on selling the positives of the UK having a full vote and veto on all the top international regulatory bodies while having full access to the single market. If research is focussed on that objective then we can make the case that the EU is an inhibitor to a globally harmonised trading environment. Rather than expanding trade, the EU is a drag factor, erecting more technical barriers to trade while the rest of the world is trying to pull them down. 

We can argue that a global effort to harmonise regulation and remove technical barriers to trade, with Britain as a leading participant, is a far more exciting prospect for major investment banks than a corner of Europe that bickers in order to delay the implementation of global trade initiatives. We can show that whatever marginal pain that Brexit may inflict is worth it for the larger opportunities it presents. 

If Vote Leave continues to pollute the debate with their childish ideas about a hard Brexit - all the way out, all at once, then our side will still be having the same arguments the night before the poll and Stronger In will capitalise on it all the way through. 

HSBC and Barclays have just handed us the basis of a winning ticket if we build on what they have said. If we do not seize the opportunity then we will blow it. 

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