Monday 7 November 2016

Riots on the streets is wishful thinking

Notwithstanding the Supreme Court appeal, for the time being the result of the referendum has been overturned. The decision of the people has been put on ice. The verdict of the people was not accepted by the powers that be and now parliament gets to second guess us. Whether they will or not is by the by. In principle our decision must now be vetted by MPs.

Though it may be histrionics to suggest that MPs will block Brexit, this blog nonetheless sees no real harm in making a little noise about it. This has prompted Nigel Farage to warn of riots in the streets. I have made similar warnings. That though, is wishful thinking.

When it comes to violent protest, it starts from London and is nearly always the domain of idiotic leftists. Self-entitled spoiled brats climbing famous monuments and defacing them or smashing the windows of Fortnum and Mason. It doesn't have an impact beyond cementing our collective view that the left are petulant and pathetic thugs.

When there are protests in London, unless it's a mass movement with weeks of preparation, it tends to be Londoners passing through on their way home from work. The average leave voter is not going to go to the expense of converging on London. I rather suspect the leave voting working class would simply take the message as read that their vote doesn't matter. In the end that is a far more corrosive consequence than a few broken windows.

In truth, the average leave voter is far better than to go on the rampage. More likely they will simply hold on to that memory of betrayal and play the waiting game. In this, MPs would be storing up a perfect storm at the ballot box with regrettable consequences. Even the dimmest of them knows that much by now.

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