Tuesday, 2 April 2019


I'm skipping out on the soap opera today. You've seen the news. You know as much as I do. May is doing everything in her power to get her deal through before admitting defeat and dropping out on to WTO terms - and all credit to her for doing so. I don't have high hopes, but she is doing her job to the best of her limited abilities. 

Naturally Twitter is outraged at the Cooper wrecking bill launched today. The bill is impinging on Crown prerogative. Even if it was passed by parliament (both Houses), the PM could instruct the Queen to withhold Royal Assent. Then, in any case, the final action is not within the gift of the UK government, requiring the assent of the EU-27. Pretty much the only opinion that counts right now is that of M. Barnier. 

Beyond that there is not much else to say that would warrant an 800 word essay. More than anything there is an overwhelming sense of frustration and boredom. The Brexiters are out for blood but when are they not? It's got to the stage where I'm not exactly sure what precise thing they are angry about. Brexit reporting is becoming so utterly tedious, routine and predictable that I'm thinking of outsourcing my blog to India.

We're basically in extra time where May has ditched her own party to try and get Labour votes to pass her deal. It's that or the deadline expires. It's now in the hands of remainers as to whether we leave with a deal or not. Everything in between is noise.

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