Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

I was somewhat taken today by the comedic notion that Remainer MPs are plotting to bring down Boris Johnson’s government and install a 'unity' prime minister. Names mooted include Yvette Cooper and Caroline Lucas. The notion that either would be a unity candidate is a wonderous piece of Orwellian doublespeak. 

Though there is precisely zero chance of this ever coming to pass, it really was worth contemplating just to fully understand the sheer awfulness of such a proposal. If we really are at a state where the likes of Caroline Lucas/Yvette Cooper are offered up as leadership propositions then British society as a whole is so degraded and debased that there's nothing left worth saving.

As bad as the current government is, there is something about that duo that makes me physically ill even to think of. Smug, snobby, sanctimonious and entitled to the max. There is no bandwagon they won't leap on. The UK could not survive with virtue signalling as its only policy basis. Theirs is the politics of spoiled middle class liberals who buy into the establishment's projected self image - who were genuinely surprised by Brexit because it interrupted their childlike notion that the UK was a progressive utopia as embodied by the 2012 opening ceremony.

It's the politics of grazers. People who live insular entitled lives for whom the EU is ideal because it frees them of any serious political duties so that they can focus on soft gesture politics. The class who are insulated from the consequences of their braindead policies. The same people who will pass destructive gender self-ID laws irrespective of the dangerous consequences - not because they've actually given it a second's thought or even believe in it, but so they can broadcast their LGBT credentials. Pure narcissism and political vanity.

The joke of it is, they have such a warped, disconnected relationship with the rest of society that they even think this "progressive" virtue signalling makes them wildly popular despite all the electoral data pointing to the exact opposite. They think they're the centre.

Alarmingly, though, they are very popular with the cosseted middle classes who have never even witnessed hardship - which is why their braindead offspring can be found uttering nonsense vox pops on pro-EU demos, whining that their fringe entitlements are being taken away. They lack any and all scepticism. Politics to them is just one giant virtue signal. To transmit socially convenient leftist tropes that are safe to utter on our equally debased media - to nods of approval from their peers and applause from carefully selected studio audiences.

They worship the BBC and the NHS without question. They love the EU despite knowing nothing whatsoever about it. Not because they believe in its mission or destination, but because they can bask in the self-image of being "progressive internationalists". These are the people who can say with a straight face that Boris Johnson is "far right" - while completely ignoring that EU countries have actual neo nazi movements that make our own minuscule far right look like the Women's Institute.

Ultimately, if they end up in charge and with an electoral mandate then there's nothing about the UK worth saving because it will have completed the journey to become an ultra decadent child society incapable of any kind of grown up politics. We are then on course to oblivion. If it moves they will seek to either ban it or tax it, and they don't care how much misery they heap on the working classes while they're doing it, or especially care what liberties they trample on. As for free speech under their regime - fuhgeddaboudit.

To a large extent we've already had these people in charge - ever since 1997. They're the voice of the establishment. They are the dregs of Blair's "Cool Britannia" shtick - and look at the offspring it produces. Femi and EU supergirl - spoiled, entitled thick brats. Nuff said. When you look at those two cretins even no deal Brexit loses its sting. I hate Rees-Mogg/Johnson with every fibre of my being and will never forgive the Tories for screwing up Brexit but I'd rather take my chances with those bozos than trust "progressives" with even a TV remote.

It's precisely this kind of "progressivism" that infects every corner of government - including our diplomatic corps - which sees us signing up to all manner of sovereignty destroying global conventions - purely for the sake of virtue signalling. This, though, is also something more sinister. It's a moral imperialism - telling brown people what their social values ought to be. The EU is going large on that through its trade policies - and the net result is African states pivoting to China for no strings commercial deals.

Progressivism is rooted in projecting how right on we all are, bypassing any normative morality, where it travels ever further up its own arse - and though it makes them feel good, the real world consequences are devastating, sometimes even murderous. What progressives simply cannot cope with is the concept of unintended consequences. It's all about how it makes them feel and what they can project to the world. They won't spare a nanosecond to think about the actual outcomes. See biofuels/palm oil - deforestation etc.

The same is true of their welfare policies. They nurture a sense of helplessness so that the lower orders are dependent on them - and then we wonder why we have a victimhood culture (with all the squandered human potential that goes with it).

And for all that, what makes them the worst (absolute pondlife) is that they've actually convinced themselves, even when surrounded by the ruins of all that they've destroyed, that they're morally & intellectually superior the rest of us and have a divine right to rule. It is that, more than anything else, that compels them to overturn the Brexit referendum. They believe they know better than the rest of us and that we are in need of moral and political correction and re-education - which they and only they can provide.

Ultimately it is that arrogance,that hubris, that will see us leaving the EU without a deal. They are the ones who took the gamble - to play double or quits by voting down the withdrawal agreement. They had no intentions whatsoever of respecting the 2016 vote. So now what should have been a negotiated managed exit (when there were solutions that everyone could live with) has now become a full blown culture war that is testing the very foundation of our constitution and will wreck our economy.

This is why leavers are not listening to no deal warnings. The economy comes a distant second to defeating these people and everything they stand for. And rightly so. Britain doesn't have a chance unless they are wiped off the political map. They belong to the last century. Progressivism is the corrupted fag end of liberalism only it's not liberal. It is ultra authoritarian. Look at what they say. Britain's swing to the "far right" is not a consequence of their own action. It's the fault of the media (obvs there's a need to clampdown on language).

They don't want Brexit because the EU is the life support machine for their zombie regime. It underpins the status quo where they control the narrative and dictate the values of the nation upon which our laws are based. They have the power and they're terrified they are losing it. This is why they've waged a legal jihad on Brexiters, even coming after individuals, attempting to silence them, de-platforming and doxing, and attempting to frame ordinary people as far right ghouls and xenophobes. They are demonising democracy.

So if these people do win, Britain as a functioning state is done for anyway. We'll have binned democracy but much alse along with it - including adult politics, where this media driven virtue signalling freakshow will become the permanent establishment. On a long enough timeline that means selling out the last of our powers to Brussels while progressives congratulate themselves for legalising noncery and then it'll be normal to see nine year old trans drag queens. There is no limit to their moral debasement.

They tell us to stop Brexit so we can get on with more urgent politics - but you know full well the moment we do they'll be back to telling us what is legal for children's packed lunches and banning plastic straws. Virtue signaling is their way of life. They won't lift a finger to address the looming pensions, housing, savings and elderly care crisis because they would have to take deeply unpopular adult decisions - and they just can't bring themselves to treat us like adults.

If anything they will make it worse because they think the taxpayer is a bottomless pit - and will entrench further entitlements actually encouraging the sort of slovenly feckless living that brought us here to begin with. They will ramp up the "Green new deal" bullshit, making it harder for ordinary people to get to work, sending energy and fuel prices sky high with idiotic carbon capture schemes etc, making us all poorer and less free. All the while nothing is done to address the structural decay.

Though it's not lost on me that Brexit will make us poorer, it is at least an investment in the future of the country. Not investment in the way they see it - ie spunking billions up the wall on welfare and wind farms, rather we're investing in the idea of self governing democracy.

So while Lucas/Cooper are just a primary school madams who somehow stumbled into politics, they're the embodiment of everything I hate; narcissistic, snobby, entitled, hypocritical virtue signallers. Would rather rip out my own intestines with a spoon than see her ilk in charge.

Everything about their agenda is about control. Controlling what the little people do - where they go, what they say, what they think, what they eat, what they write. And notice how there's always a climate change rationale for doing it. Now I'm not going to get into a climate debate but if the only way for us to survive is to surrender to these people and live under their regime then I don't even want humanity to survive. What's the point of living if we're going to be serfs answerable to these scumbags?

It would be nice if the Brexiteers weren't thick as mince and had half a clue how the real world works and then we wouldn't have to pay such a horrendous price for leaving the EU but ultimately I'd rather endure this than carry on with these suckjobs.

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