Friday, 23 October 2015

A bizarre coincidence?

Vote Leave - all at sixes and sevens

Here follows an extract from Vote Leave's newsletter...

“We will be publishing a lot of work over the next few weeks about how we can have a better UK-EU relationship. For example, there are important arguments concerning regulation that we will address soon. Vote Leave is not 'a campaign to scrap regulations'. The arguments concerning regulation are more complex than the media suggests. Further, they have changed over the past 15 years as the global regulatory system has evolved. Many 'EU regulations' actually come from global bodies. An important argument for leaving the EU is that we would then regain our ability to influence global discussions about global rules at the global level. There are good arguments for having some common global standards, e.g. the modular, standardised shipping container system has been a huge success. As the global economy integrates and becomes more interdependent, there will be more global rules and platforms. This strengthens the argument for Britain engaging at the global level rather than confining itself to the parochial meeting rooms of Brussels”

So Dominic Cummings and Matthew Elliott are quite happy to steal ideas and take credit for them while trousering the cash. That's all very well in that we are not in it for the money and winning the referendum is our primary concern, but you can imagine how it sticks in the craw that we do this work on a budget of nothing while toiling in obscurity, being attacked from all sides.

These are the people who along with Daniel Hannan have conspired to silence this blog and muzzle A devious pair of thieves they are.

Meanwhile, I'm sure I won't be the only person to note the inherent inconsistency when Business for Elliott's campaign "leader" is saying the precise opposite to the above. This will become ever more evident as they continue to bleat about the nine shillings and sixpence per household leaving the EU might save (as illustrated on their pisspoor website) and the usual crap about controlling our borders. That's what happens when you don't have a Brexit plan or a strategy. Curiously though, that is what Cummings is paid for. Perhaps he should resign and let somebody competent do the job.

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