Tuesday 1 June 2021

Street violence: Britain is now in a state of emergency.

Tonight I am furious. A young man has been rushed to hospital after he was stabbed repeatedly in Hyde Park, London. A large fight broke out with several youths armed with knives seen stabbing the man as he fell to the ground. I saw machetes. The only time I've seen similar footage is from Soweto in Sough Africa.

From what I can see, and to the surprise of nobody, they were black. This, just a week after Black Lives Matter activist Sasha Johnson was shot in the head by four black gunmen.

Beyond the fury I feel, it just break my heart because for this to happen in Hyde Park, London, in the fading daylight, we have fallen a long way. Britain is supposed to be better than this. It used to be better than this. This stuff is not supposed to happen in my fucking country. We have imported the third world thus we are becoming the third world.

And what saddens me most of all, this probably won't even register as a front page headline tomorrow. We are so used to knife crime that this no longer shocks us. This is just a particularly egregious example.

And I just know that tomorrow, Twitter will be a torrent of equivocation and denials if it even lasts in the news cycle past lunchtime. Just like when there is an outbreak of antisemitism, politicians have to qualify their condemnation with a concurrent mention of Islamophobia. The same will be true on this. Rather than speaking frankly we will skirt around the issue that this is black on black violence and it has nothing whatsoever to do with "systemic racism" or any other claptrap sociological fad. This is pure savagery.

I could talk about the drugs trade. I could talk about the lack of youth services and the lack of good male role models. I could talk about gang culture and its glamorisation in media. But it all seems like intellectual masturbation that isn't actually connected to anything because for all the endless debates and academic papers, it's getting worse and it's getting to a point of no return.

If we are now at Soweto levels of criminality then this is no longer a matter of being careful not to tread on race sensibilities. We need police out on the streets in large numbers and they need to be where the gangs are and they need to be stopping and searching people and cars, and they need to be putting these scumbags away for a very long time and where necessary, deportation.

We need the police to be able to get out there with the full support of the politicians, ignoring the shit stirrers and the race baiters and do what the majority demands. I am not interested in the bleating of David Lammy and Dawn Butler or the race relations industry. When third world savagery is brought to our streets we owe nobody any explanations for doing whatever is necessary to prevent and deter.

But then there is no long term resolution to this until such a time as we have an immigration system worthy of the name. It must act with prejudice with public safety as its primary driver. I'm not interested in lectures from leftists about racism when young black men are bleeding to death on the pavements. 

Yes we know not all blacks are like that. Yes we know not all Pakistanis are child molesters. But when you have your doors open to the armpits of the world, you have no chance of maintaining a civil society.

We have reached the sorry turning point precisely because we have listened to the equivocation and denials. If there is any chance of arresting the decline then Britain cannot be open to all comers and their extended families. It's not fair on anyone.

But then we all know this is not going to happen because our supposedly hard line "far right" Tory government is not going to lift a finger, and the odious scumbag mayor of London is going to sweep it under the carpet. The police will retreat every time there is a moral principle to uphold precisely because they cannot count on the backing of the politicians and because they will be smeared and slandered just for doing their jobs.

It therefore falls to the rest of us to voice our anger like never before and stop voting for all the parties who delivered this abject failure. We cannot allow it to slide off the news agenda and we cannot allow the media to distract us with yet more trivia. It is we who must set the agenda and demand better before there's nothing left to save. Enough is enough.