Thursday 16 June 2016

A day of sadness

A young woman of good character has been murdered. There is a narrative afoot that she, a Labour politician, has been shot to death, allegedly by someone of a far right leaning - with motives related to the referendum implied. Such is pure speculation and I expect we will not get a clear picture of events this day.

The instantaneous finger pointing and politicisation of these events, while deeply repellent, is now a feature of political discourse. It is only to be expected given the communication tools we have readily available to us. We will need some introspection as to why even basic sensitivity has gone out of the window.

When the facts become clear, there will be issues to examine and debates to be had. But for this day, I come back to my opening statement. A young woman of good character has been murdered. Why and how is for tomorrow. For today, let those entitled to grieve do so in dignity.

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