Tuesday 21 June 2016

Decency will prevail

The official remain campaign, which includes the government, from the beginning has fought entirely on the basis of what may happen if we leave the EU. A thick cloud of flak has blackened the air. That which passes for a positive case for the EU is the usual hackneyed and shallow rhetoric we have heard since 1975. It is empty, with only a passing familiarity with reality.

Sadly, I believe it has worked. I know of people with no love of the EU but will vote to remain out of fear. And so what this referendum result will tell us, should we lose, is that the majority of the people seek to avoid the consequences of leaving. It does not give the EU a mandate. But that is what it will be taken as, and a free licence to do as it chooses. That has inherent risks of its own.

But Brexit is not a word that will die quietly because it is an idea, behind which there is passion and a body of knowledge which cannot be silenced. And so for as long as there is no mandate for the EU and people willing to do whatever it takes to get us out, we will be here time and again.

We are told that Brexit is the province of fearful old men, but as I look at my co-conspirators I see thriving minds of all ages, each with their own motives, all of whom have different ideas - but agree on one thing. The EU is not a democracy and there is no resolution until we leave.

Among them are technicians, physicians, lawyers, writers, engineers, scientists, teachers and labourers. In this there is no racism, no seething nationalism and no nostalgic delusions. Just a recognition that the EU remains a thorn in our side and a brake parachute on progress.

And what I can tell you about these people is that they are all kind, warm, dedicated people. It has been humbling to see how many sacrifices they have made to give all that they can to this campaign. A far cry from the devious, scheming liars whom we are pitted against.

And that is why I know we will leave the EU one way or another. That decency will prevail. Maybe not on Thursday, but probably in my lifetime. In the coming months and years, having had this bitter debate, we will all come to know the EU as the castle of lies it has always been.

We will see that it is no guardian against terrorism or recession, that it does not bring growth and that it undermines our rights. We will also see how it acts without consent and how we are powerless to stop it. We will see how hollow Cameron's reforms are.

In the meantime, we will keep teaching what we know. Our knowledge will snowball, as indeed will yours, and when our weakened establishment drops its guard we will force their hand. We do not expect it to be easy. We expect the lies will continue. We will see yet more bribes with our own money and intensified serpentine gestures to manufacture consent.

And that tells you something. It tells you that they know what we know: this isn't over. The fight continues and we are not going away until victory is ours.

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