Monday, 2 March 2020

Dirty dealings

I never thought I would be defending the civil service but it's easy to see what's happening here. It's fitting with a trend. Everywhere you look in government, hard working expert civil servants have been made answerable to know-nothing Toryboy think tank sycophants who destroy everything they touch. They don't know anything about their brief and start throwing their weight around. How do you expect the civil service to react?

Ultimately you just can't work with these people. They don't listen to anything they're told, believing civil servants are obstructionist jobsworths. They then end up making entirely avoidable errors, taking no responsibility then blame the very people who told them not to do it. Patel is rumoured to be an awful person - capricious, erratic, overly-emotional, unrealistic, and ignorant. She wants simple solutions to complex problems without entertaining the idea that what she wants may not be possible - and then goes off on a strop when she's told what she's asking for is impractical/pointless/illegal.

We've seen this with the ERG/IEA morons who don't grasp the basics of trade, have no concept of non tariff barriers and obsess over irrelevant hobby horses. They're not interested in how things work, they just want to impose their ideological dogma, and damn the consequences - all under the guise of "getting the job done" and "draining the swamp". This isn't "draining the swamp" though. They're just restocking it with their preferred species of pondlife.

Instead of listening to the people who are trying their best to do the right thing and do it properly, they go in like a bull in a china shop, shouting and bullying, just like Cummings, alienating everyone as they go then complain that they face hostility from the civil service.

Worse still, they're actually proud of their ignorance. Ignorance is a status symbol for toryboys. Knowing how things work is for the lower orders who are there to be bossed around as though they were plantation slaves. That's what they think management is about. Their experience of the real world is limited having been absorbed by the bubble.

As regards to Rutnam, I don't know him, nor do I know the dynamic in the Home Office, but I've had dialogue with plenty of civil servants, most of whom I find to be knowledgeable, dedicated and impartial as they can be, despite being rubbed up the wrong way by Tory oafs and yobbos. They've been briefing against the civil service for years with a view to dismantling it and installing their own SpAdocracy - pliant snot-nosed underlings who'll do as they're told without question. If that's what Rutnam has endured then I hope he takes Patel to the cleaners.

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