Thursday, 26 May 2016

Hannan the fraud

I didn't think it possible to dislike Daniel Hannan more than I already do, but he always finds a way to make that happen. My Facebook is annoyingly full of recent footage of him speaking at various events so I thought I would watch some of it to see if there had been any intellectual growth in all this time. Fraid not. To borrow from Julie Burchill, he is "a stupid person's idea of a clever person".

Strip away the the posh boy affectations and unnecessary literary references and what you have is a collage of eurosceptic memes. What's clever about it is he manages to give off the appearance that he's an impassioned and informed speaker without actually committing to any single definitive path. His speeches are surface level only, seldom venturing into detail that might give anything away. There's almost a dance of the seven veils going on in discerning what his preferred EU exit scenario is. I have come to the conclusion that he doesn't have one. 

What Hannan wants most of all is to survive politically. He knows as well as anyone that should we lose, and at this point we probably will, there will be a purge of all the wastrels and parasites. This is why we haven't seen a firm commitment to any one branch of the campaign or any endorsement of a concrete strategy. He keeps it just superficial enough, touching on all the bases to be able to claim he was leaning in a particular direction. 

He is a Brexit bullshit bingo caller - and unless you know what the game is, it really does sound like he's done his homework and knows what he's talking about. But when you know the origin of the arguments you can see quite clearly that Hannan is a magpie for arguments. If it's not nailed down he'll thieve it and claim it as his own. Anything that makes him sound credible. 

And this is why we never saw a defection to Ukip as we did with Carswell. Hannan is not a risk taker. He knows which side his bread is buttered on. I've never liked Carswell and I had a feeling his move to Ukip wasn't going to end well, but he was at the very least standing by his beliefs and acting in good conscience. But Hannan doesn't have a conscience. He is our very own Alan B'stard.

His recent tirade on the evils of children's safety seats in cars tells you all you need to know. If you've been watching this blog at all you know full well that if it has anything to do do with cars then the rules are in fact made by UNECE and the various standards bodies based on the findings from Euro-NCAP. On the one hand he's railing against rules being made by foreigners and on the other hand he talks about getting our seat back at the global top tables. What is the actual point of being at the top tables of global regulation if you don't actually plan on implementing them? 

But then to notice this inconsistency one must first have independently arrived at a philosphy based on a coherent worldview. You can't do that if your entire worldview is a patchwork of stolen memes and ideas knitted together, working on the assumption that ninety-nine per cent of your audience won't see through the charade.

It wouldn't be nearly so bad if the man actually got the arguments right but he doesn't. He only receives new information in gossip from from his many sycophants. I doubt an original word comes from the man's mouth. The only intellect there is a calculating lizard-brain survival instinct. 

And of course if you know what the game is, you have two options. You can either applaud the human android and feel honoured that your arguments are of sufficient quality to be assimilated by a figure of prestige - or you can call him out for what he is. A fraud. Only by flattering his ego do you continue to exist in Hannan's world.

This is not a man interested in winning the referendum. This is a man who lives only for the greater glory of Hannan. A man who will say or do anything to maintain his position so he can slither effortlessly between the camps, but never doing anything so radical that events might compromise his standing. He is the ultimate snake in the grass. A self-serving parasite.

There will be more said of this man in the coming weeks. There will have to be a reckoning for the dismal failure of the Vote Leave campaign. The blogosphere will have its own enquiry and and this man will have a case to answer. That lizard brain of his is probably already calculating his excuses. He is mistaken if he thinks his role won't be exposed. 

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