Monday, 4 July 2016

Stepping down

Today seems to have a "back to business" feel about it. We are seeing various individuals retreating from their pre-referendum claims, most notably Wolfgang Schäuble, remarking “The situation is so serious that we have to stop playing the usual European and Brussels games". 

I always said this would happen. I have long predicted that once the gravity of Brexit had sunk in we would see a sharp decline in bravado and bluff, having realised the potential to do great harm to the economies of Europe. The issue is now being treated with the seriousness it deserves. We are now having many of the debates that should have happened before the referendum. 

And it seems fitting now we are seeing a return to seriousness that we should be witnessing the departure of Johnson, Gove and Farage who have little of value to add. It also looks like Theresa May will inherit the crown without serious challenge. Thank goodness for small mercies. The matter is now back in the hands of politics.

We have yet to see a resolution to the leadership vacuum on the left and doubtless we will see Ukip's leadership frivolities as the object of much media churn, but the detailed and difficult business of how we leave the EU is now the domain of serious players - of which there are very few.

With this in mind, and having only very limited influence on this blog, I will also be scaling down my activities. My primary concern now is seeking gainful employment. The blog will continue on a more casual basis but from here on in I'll be in watch mode. In the meantime I offer my thanks to all readers and supporters. It has been quite a ride. 

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