Tuesday, 28 March 2017


On this the eve of Article 50 there is little more to say. Tomorrow we give notification to terminate subordination to the European Union, ending political union once and for all. It's now or never.

For all that my ideas and political views have evolved over the past few years, one thing has remained a constant; the belief that the government of the United Kingdom should be answerable only to the peoples of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. It stems from the belief that there is no higher authority - and nor should there be. It is a union of peoples, not a connivance of irremovable politicians and officials.

As to how we move forward from this is wholly different matter. I find myself at odds with most Brexiteers who seem to have drunk from the Brexit koolaid, believing Brexit to be an economic remedy. It is nothing so transactional. This is a matter of politics and democracy above all else.

The question of whether we leave is now resolved. The question of how remains unanswered. The objective should be to minimise the economic harm while maintaining good relations with our neighbours. The only way to do this is to recognise that Brexit is a process, not an event. This is the reality that those on the Tory right have steadfastly refused to acknowledge - and have gone to extended and thoroughly devious lengths to evade.

There was always going to be a short to medium term cost to leaving the EU. Pragmatism and realism could very well have minimised it. Instead though, the Conservative Party is seeking to maximise that economic harm. For some, out of ignorance, others out of malice. Supercilious, sneering, dishonest and deeply stupid people.

Every effort was made to furnish them with the right information, but in that inimicable Tory way they resisted knowledge to the bitter end. That is the evil of tribal party politics. Whatever comes next, that's on them - not those who voted to leave.

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