Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Trump: doing the impolite thing

It would appear that Trump has pulled out of the Paris climate accords. As I understand it, though please correct me if I'm wrong, the accords themselves are a fudge that actually commit signatory states to very little. More than anything it is just another globalist jamboree where our remote ruling class can parade their virtue. Normally the consequences of these agreements are inexplicably large hikes on our energy bills.

That Trump is pulling out is only significant in that it green-lights others to do the same. It shatters the cosy globalist consensus. Trump has done the "unthinkable" and broken the conceit.

You see, everything at that level of global politics is a conceit. Even the EU is a manifestation of this dynamic. It's all about maintaining a pretence and signalling allegiances. Trump though as done what he was elected to do and has done the impolite thing. And that is what bothers the elites. Not that he has turn his back on the climate accords (as if they actually care), it is that he has done the thing one does not do. The impolite thing.

This in their eyes makes Trump a pariah. It also explains the deliberate isolation of the Theresa May at any of the G7 jamborees. Brexit is impolite, you see. It's all about keeping up appearances.

But actually, as I noted on the blog this morning, the very last thing we want to do is to maintain the various conceits in global politics. We can't go on pretending that these transnational accords are doing anything useful, we can't pretend the post-war settlement is still fit for purpose and we have to admit that these seventy year old institutions are barely relevant to the shift in global political tides.

Some have it that this is America turning inward. I don't think so. America has always been ill at ease with anything that threatens their sovereignty and the reason Hilary Clinton lost was because she was perceived to be one of the American elites who would go along with the globalist agenda, and refusing to ever be impolite.

What is needed more than ever is a wrecker at the top, to drive a horse and cart through the hypocrisy. That is what makes Trump the ideal vehicle. He is not a man of virtue, but doesn't even pretend to be, unlike the denizens of the old world order.

This is actually what makes the UK and the US natural allies in that we are actually early adopters of the new era which dispenses with the vanity of the globalist consensus. That it is a further affront to the junk science of climate change is just the icing on the cake.

You will notice how Obama is widely adored and missed by the luvvie elites of the world. He was very much their man. He restored America's reputation as part of the gang. That gang though, is far less interested in advancing the interests of their people, rather they are working toward a global technocracy where the little people do as they are told. The "big club" as beautifully articulated by the late George Carlin.

And this is why Trump very much is anti-establishment. For all that he has installed his own cronies, he is a wrecking ball. Some weeks ago pundits had concluded that the revolutionary potential of Trump had probably dissipated, having rowed back on a number of election pledges. I was one of them. I think, however, President Trump could still pull of a few surprises. And even if he does nothing else for the rest of his term then this gesture alone is a turning point in global affairs. One the pretence has been shattered, there is no putting the genie back in the bottle. There is no unsaying what Merkel has said.

In this, the media is aghast, along with much of the Twitterati. The singularly bovine apparatchiks and the sheep. If Trump and Brexit are offending these types then you can take it as a good sign and that maybe, just maybe, democracy is making a comeback.

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