Friday, 18 August 2017

I suppose I should say something.

So the news of the day is that our friends at the Toryboy IEA think tank have published a post-Brexit trade report. Never have I seen a report so universally panned. And rightly so.

It's actually nothing new. It's the usual garbage about unilaterally abolishing all UK tariffs - because protectionism is baaaaaaad, m'kay.

But then of course if you do that then you actually have nothing to trade with. It's a bit like nuclear disarmament. We could scrap all our Trident submarines but then we'd be in no position to barter for gradual nuclear decommissioning.

Aaaand, as per, it overlooks the fact that we already have a number of FTAs via the EU where tariffs are zero, including all lesser developed countries. The remaining non-agricultural tariffs average 2%. Dropping the remaining tariffs to zero pretty much wipes out UK farming.

Today, not being on form, I really can't be bothered to go into the details of it but even by Toryboy standards this is piss weak. This is what happens when you're too busy sucking on Lord Lawson's flaccid little member to read a book on trade.

But then I am reminded that the report is not actually aimed at us mere mortals. This is just scripture to reinforce the flagging Tory right - once more telling them what they want to hear. As usual, this is not about intelligent policy-making - this is about preserving ministerial access - and in so doing, driving Britain off the cliff.

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