Thursday, 1 March 2018

Who will spare us from these deadbeat ex prime ministers?

So I read the Major speech. The first half just rolled out the classic remain narrative about becoming poorer, completely misunderstanding the motives for Brexit. The second half was just a blistering attack on the government as if we didn't know they were making a hash of it.

The subtext is that the public were taken in by the promises of the Brexit ultras which is only one step removed from saying it was the bus wot won it. Condescending.

This fails to note that nearly everyone outside the London bubble thought the Vote Leave campaign was dire and voted to leave in spite of it largely *because* of hectoring from establishment figures like Major and Blair - two leaders who in their own way did enormous damage.

This betrays a total lack of self-awareness. To then say the vote should be overturned because he knows better is a "compromise" is absolutely breathtaking. Where do these people get off?

Ultimately Britain can withstand the pain of Brexit. We were warned of those dangers and we accepted the risk because political renewal matters more. We voted for change. A departure from the rule of Blairs, Majors and Camerons.

The vote to leave was not an endorsement of Boris Johnson et al. It was a rejection of the establishment consensus and it's iron grip on politics. Now we have rid ourselves of them the political field is wide open and for once we have real choices.

Nobody is satisfied at the government's handling of Brexit but this is just something we have to endure before we come out the other side. Then we shall be rid of the Tories and soon after we'll be rid of Corbyn's clan too. It may take a decade but this is part of the process.

Nobody can say what the UK political scenery will look like in a decade or even what the EU will look like but from there we will have turned a page to begin a new chapter having completely overturned the 20th century order imposed on us.

That may mean a lost decade but the legacy of Brexit will be to rid ourselves of all of these drongos who fall to pieces at the very suggestion of change. This institutional incompetence is the legacy of Heath, Thatcher, Blair, Brown and Major.

We are no longer in the post war settlement. This is the internet age. The age of democratised media. We demand politics and institutions befitting it - not the dead hand of London and Brussels and their weak pastiche of democracy. This is our time. His has past.

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