Thursday, 31 May 2018

The rise of the remainer jihad

Hitherto now I have chastised journos and wonks for saying that Brexit is boring - because there shouldn't be anything boring about the most profound political decision since World War Two. Somehow, though, it has become relentlessly tedious to the point where even I am catatonic with boredom.

I don't choose the word catatonic as a literary flourish. I actually mean it is so boring that my higher intellect has gone into deep hibernation to the point where I am spending hours in the day staring through the walls - so distant that a jumbo jet could crash outside my door and I would barely notice. Until Mrs May makes a decision there is not a lot to be said.

As for what passes for debate, there is still the trench warfare of Twitter but this has degenerated to the point where virtually nobody is interested in technical threads and there is little appetite to go over the border issues for what is now the seventeen billionth time. For the time being it looks like even leavers have been distracted by other things, particularly the Ukip inclined who have been sidetracked by the Tommy Robinson saga.

I have attempted blogging once or twice but find myself writing sentences I have written countless times before. There is still plenty of nonsense to be debunked, particularly the nonsense of the Adam Smith Institute, but if there is one thing I have learned it's that these people do not learn and will keep repeating the same drivel for the duration. Investing energy in that regard is self harm.

I think, though, my present lethargy is through having been at this pretty much every day for the last three years. I really have seen every permutation of every stupid argument. My brain is Brexit saturated. I have developed a thousand yard stare. It takes quite a lot for me to become animated now. Which brings me to this.

Channel 4 footage has come to light showing AC Grayling and MEP, Catherine Bearder, pleading with Guy Verhofstadt to make Brexit more painful - to make it hurt so much that the UK will be begging to be let back in.

At this point very little surprises me but this is absolutely revolting. I may have a beef with the ultra Brexiters because I know hard Brexit will hurt the country - but at least they believe it won't even if they are categorically wrong. Remainers, however, are now so sick in their petty vindictiveness that they actually do want to hurt the country.

Previously I'd always frowned on Ukippers using phrases like "traitorous quisling scum" but there are times when no other words will do because anything else would be inaccurate. The joke of it is, though, unless Mrs May makes the right choices in the coming weeks, there is nothing the EU could possibly do to us that the ultra Brexiters are not planning on doing to us anyway. If Grayling and Bearder really want Brexit to sting all they need do is leave Jacob Rees-Mogg to his own devices. 

What we see here though is a level of treachery even I didn't think the remainers were capable of. AC Grayling's descent into lunacy is well documented but this is now full on Brexit Derangement Syndrome turned jihadist. This is not just a private war on democracy. It has now developed into a full blown loathing of Britain. As to the EU, we see here how its denizens (behind closed doors) really think. Who would want to be a member of that? 

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