Friday, 27 September 2019

Physician, heal thyself.

In amongst all the blether about the tone of recent rhetoric a few facts are going missing. MPs are largely responsible for the poisonous state of politics. What MPs don't seem to comprehend is that we could clean up the rhetoric and speak only in sterile faux-polite terms but they would still be despised to the core because they continue to behave with unrestrained contempt for voters.

Leave voters are getting restless out of boredom and frustration. They simply don't trust that Brexit will happen and MPs are giving them no reason to believe it will after three years of parlour games and obfuscation. What exactly do MPs expect?

MPs tell us that they respect the vote but they simply want to stop a no deal Brexit but how can that be true when they have rejected a withdrawal agreement three times and voted down all of the options for a future relationship? What basis for trust is there?

But then leavers haven't been honest either. Pre-2016 we just wanted Brexit, but now we're saying only no deal qualifies as Brexit and we have a government that is not making a sincere effort to secure a deal, constantly shifting the goalposts.

But now we have a Labour party implying they won't vote for a deal because of imaginary hurty words from the PM, so they are playing silly, dangerous partisan games of over a matter of paramount national importance. Even if BJ did get a deal they won't vote for it.

So with a parliament with a track record of blocking departure at every turn, a Labour party playing silly buggers and a Lib Dem party that would delete the referendum without even consulting the public, what left is there apart from no deal in order to honour the vote?

I would like to think the withdrawal agreement could be resurrected and if MPs have any sense at all they will grasp any chance with both hands but it now appears they are too senseless to realise that if they don't, no deal is still the legal default.

So really it seems like the only option is a general election but they won't do that because they know damn well the Tories will probably win - so instead they're keeping us locked in this destructive limbo - which is causing trust in parliament to collapse.

At this point we should be seeing them realising the dangers and getting their act together, but instead they're regressing. They wailed blue murder about prorogation but then bunk off on Thursday afternoon til Monday after lunch and then expect us to take any of them seriously.

Since parliament cannot and will not get its act together we are forced to conclude that the article 50 process has failed and parliament is simply not up to the job. It is therefore a bedblocker incapable of adding value to the process.

So now we've run out of road. There is only one more extension left which they won't do anything useful with - bringing us down to only two options; no deal or remain - which is the long game they've always been playing - so no deal looks like the only legitimate option left.

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