Tuesday 30 November 2021

Only Ukip will stand up for women

Keir Starmer says it's wrong to say that only women have a cervix. He knows that isn't true. We know it isn't true. The whole of the Labour front bench knows it isn't true and so does every woman. Yet to avoid the wrath of the left, the Labour party, universities and public institutions have to pretend otherwise. 

This is not without consequence. The Lords says that transgender prisoners who identify as female and have been convicted of sexual offences should be housed in male prisons. Police forces are recording suspected and convicted rapists as female if they say they are. The official record will state the gender they chose to identify themselves as. 

Suddenly the crime statistics report a surge of sexual violence committed by women. Funny that. We're now at the point where it is an offence to refer to a man as a man, and local media reporting acts of male violence on women must refer to offenders as women if they say they are. To say otherwise invites a contempt charge. 

Let's not beat around the bush here. The British political class, having adopted transgender ideology, is putting women in danger. The safety of women and girls is subordinate to the sexual fetishes and narcissistic personality disorders of men. This is a disaster.

Thankfully the tide is beginning to turn as arms of the state begin to disassociate themselves from embedded charities like Stonewall but there's a long way to go before the system has been fully disinfected. This toxic ideology is still doing harm to women and girls. Impressionable teens have fallen victim to this social contagion, not dissimilar to anorexia, and are turning to crowd funding sites to raise money for top surgery (the removal of perfectly healthy breasts).

Mercifully the NHS is waking up to the junk science of puberty blockers and other voodoo treatments, but far too many young people have been pushed down that avenue without proper clinical process in the name of affirming their identity. There's a word for this. Evil.

Every cloud, though, has a silver lining. Women everywhere are waking up to the threat this ideology poses. They are now realising that the fight for women's rights, even the basic right to protected private spaces for women, is never over. Feminism has been complacent but now women are back on the agenda.

For the establishment parties, though, this is only skin deep. We saw the candlelit vigils for Sarah Everard (a pretty white girl) but that doesn't go as far as protecting the thousands of teenage girls exploited on our city streets. A decade on from the Rotherham scandal, crimes against girls are still not properly recorded and there's no reason to believe the practice of grooming has been brought under control. Yesterday a further 42 people were charged with CSE offences in Kirklees.

As with Black Lives Matter, the virtue signalling doesn't translate into action. We supposedly care about black lives but still, a dozen black teenagers bleed to death in the gutter every month. Sarah Everard gets her vigil, but the victims of "honour offences" (male violence against women) are largely ignored because it's inconvenient to the "diversity makes us stronger" narrative. We've had endless commentary on Sarah Everard, but only a re-tread of a police press release regarding the apparent murder of Sarah Hussein, a young Muslim woman who was "found on fire" in Bury. 

We would posit that our largely open borders contribute to this hostile environment for women. It may not be politically correct to say so, but south asian men come from remote places where rape culture is the norm. Places where women are property to be used, abused and disposed of how men see fit. Our view is that men who commit these atrocities against women should be on the first plane out of Britain, but even Somali gang rapists get a free pass from human rights lawyers.

To address these issues we have to be candid and admit that ethnicity and culture is a factor in the epidemic of sexual violence against women. You can't even begin to fix a problem unless you are able to precisely diagnose it, but our establishment is squeamish about offending sensibilities. Tangentially, if we are serious about helping the most vulnerable refugees, we should seek to safeguard women and children from sexual violence, but instead the RNLI goes out fishing for Muslim men of fighting age. 

When it comes to it, liberal feminists have a blindspot for violence visited on ethnic minority women, choosing to ignore FGM, forced marriage and honour killings. Teenage girls of Rotherham and Rochdale are too poor to matter. Stella Creasy is supposedly the champion of feminism on the left, but she's preoccupied with her childcare problems (despite taking home an £80k salary).

You would think with more women in parliament than ever before that women's safety would get more of an airing, but being seen to be on message matters more. As much as rapists being housed in women's prisons is an outrage, we should be asking why so many women are in prison to begin with. Nobody should be in prison for failing to pay the BBC tax. Nobody should be in prison for defending themselves against their abuser. Most women in prison need help, not incarceration. 

In every respect women are an afterthought to our political class. We know very little about the effects of Covid vaccines on the menstrual cycle and women have reported irregular and heavy periods. Some post-menopausal women, and people taking hormones which stop their periods, have reported bleeding. Women's concerns are typically brushed off, and they're told not to worry. One wonders if there is even proper clinical surveilance of the effects on women. It is a mistake to assume medicine approvals have taken women properly into account. You don't have to be an anti-vaxxer to know this matters.

It is said that if you vote for Ukip then you let Labour in, but the weight of evidence suggests the Tories are no better than Labour when it comes to defending women. The toxic transgender ideology got a foothold in the highest levels of government on their watch. The PM's wife is whispering wokery in his ear, and he goes along with it for an easy life. 

Meanwhile, every single promise to control our borders has been broken, the police are more troubled by "hate crime" than child rape, and the courts still uphold the idea that a woman is no more than a pair of breast implants and a surgically modified penis. Your local councils thinks it's "inclusive" to hold drag queen story hours and expose children to the fetishes of men.

It goes without saying that Ukip won't put up with any of this. We've had enough. Ukip is the only party who will stand up for women and girls. If you call yourself a feminist it's time for you to part company with the establishment parties. They will will always sell women short because they're cowed by political correctness. That has never been Ukip's problem. 

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