Wednesday, 8 February 2017

In a world of their own

I have written of the Westminster bubble many times before. It exists in a parallel universe. Never though have I seen it quite so distant from reality - with Keir Starmer boasting that "nagging away" by Labour secured a white paper and a vote from the government. Nevermind that the white paper is a pile of horse shit and that the end vote is an ultimatum.

Worse still Starmer thinks if parliament votes down the deal May can toddle off back to Brussels with more demands. Just what planet are these people on and what sort of game is this? Does Labour honestly believe it has accomplished something of value? What purpose does this self-delusion serve? I have never known anything quite like it.

It would be troubling enough were this just run of the mill cynical presentation politics but I have a horrifying feeling that these people genuinely think they're doing a good job and are on top of the game. The Tories most certainly think they are. When it gets this bad I honestly don't see that the system has that much life in it. We cannot go on like this.

There is now no question in my mind that if we get a deal from the EU at all it will be a substandard one that will cost us greatly. The only thing left is the torrent of excuses from the people who delivered it.

They won't see them as excuses though. They have already set it up with the narrative that the only thing standing between us and a successful Brexit is a failure of the EU to give us everything we demand. Thus, anything short of complete capitulation on the part of the EU will be seen as its contribution to the failure rather than their own total self-absorption and ignorance.

We have already seen how they will play it. Vote Leave never expected to win but now that they have they praise every move they made and credit themselves with the victory. They will use that same talent to deflect the blame. The only question is whether the Brexit zombies will get away with it. This time, somebody in their ranks will have to pay. The liars Baker, Hannan, Redwood and co must be held to account along with this utterly feeble government. If not, we are left with the sour conclusion that parliamentary democracy does not work.

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