Monday, 10 July 2017

None so blind as a toryboy

Allister Heath (or one of his office juniors) has written about reviving the Brexit spirit.
Yesterday, Donald Trump said that America and the UK were working on “a very, very big” trade  deal, a deal that will be done “very, very quickly”. The president is known for hyperbole and there were, of course, no details, but this is exactly the kind of post-Brexit scenario that the British Government should be working towards – and on a global scale.
Erm no. This is not going to happen. But on we go...
Eurosceptics must revive the dynamic politics of last year’s compelling referendum campaign. Unfortunately, the Government has not been doing this. Since the election it has been rudderless and chaotic, allowing opponents of Brexit to dominate the public conversation. These refuseniks have been able to convey the impression that Brexit itself is now in doubt, or at least that Britain’s position is so enfeebled that only an extremely long and potentially permanent transition is necessary. 
This is chickens coming home to roost. The roots of this problem started with Vote Leave which was very much a Tufton Street takeover of the referendum campaign, which sought to exclude everyone who wasn't a Tory Brexit puritan. The reason opponents of Brexit have dominated the public conversation is because the Toryboy Brexit set are simply incapable of defending their piss weak position. Shooting down Troyboy Brexit drivel in City AM, CrapX and the Torygraph is now a cottage industry.

Worse still, the Toryboys have used their influence to undermine anyone on the leave side who isn't salivating for the most damaging Brexit possible. Over the last few months Heath has been undermining Christopher Booker, to the point of demoting him and relegating his column to the back pages. This is how these people operate. They are conniving shits with a long track record of this behaviour.

Then we've had Conservative Home running a year long campaign of disinformation. They know full well that what they write is dishonest garbage but, like the Telegraph, it's more about reinforcing the prejudices of readers rather than imparting useful information and winning the argument. Their stuff is so deluded that anyone remotely familiar with with subject of international trade and regulation is laughing at them. They are an object of ridicule. The only people who can't see it are the Toryboys themselves. They only read each other so why would they ever stumble across anything intelligent?

Ultimately it's the Toryboy set who are undermining Brexit by building a belief system. As a leaver I'm supposed get behind this and tell them how marvellous they are - and furiously retweet any bilge that Brexit Central stumbles across. Sorry. That's something else that isn't going to happen.

As to Brexit being in doubt, you don't have to be a refusenik to envisage a scenario where the government is so out of its depth that there is a coup to halt Brexit. It would be a rare thing for parliament to actually have the balls to assert itself, but this is certainly a time for surprises. It is already descending into farce, not least because this government does not have a plan. That's something else the Toryboy set can take a bow for. Heath and his compatriots plagiarised the bits that suited their bullshit and ditched the inconvenient truths.

As to Britain’s being "so enfeebled that only an extremely long and potentially permanent transition is necessary", it's not a case of being enfeebled. It's just that you can't unravel forty years of technical, political and economic integration in just a few short years. Brexit is a process, not an event. If you haven't understood this much then you haven't understood anything. And that really is at the core of the problem. They haven't understood it, they never did, and have gone to extraordinary lengths to deny the reality of our predicament. It is this fundamental error upon which all subsequent errors stand. Heath then tells us:
Labour and pro-Remain forces in Parliament threaten to undermine the Repeal Bill, the legislative device necessary for Brexit to happen, and the CBI protests that Britain must stay in the single market indefinitely – an unnecessary and wrongheaded idea. All this has to be countered by a serious and concerted pro-Brexit fightback. It is time for a reboot.
Hmm, well, see, the thing about a reboot is that you change things. You stop doing what doesn't work and start thinking about the nature of the problem. The fact that the CBI and just about every business lobbyist in the country is opposed to "hard Brexit" really should tell you something. If Tories can't win over business opinion then it can't win at all. That actually was the point of having a plan. He then says:
The argument for Brexit will not be won in a single battle but waged over several campaigns as part of an ongoing war. First, we need a new Brexit movement outside of the Tory government. Some of the seasoned campaigners who won the referendum need to be rehired and a large organisation created to constantly and forcefully put the intelligent case for a pro-growth Brexit. 
This is again failing to comprehend the concept of a reboot. Those same "seasoned campaigners" are the architects of this current mess, and what Heath (if he has written this) means by "a new Brexit movement outside of the Tory government" is yet another Tufton Street sock puppet pushing the same crap ideas. What will that achieve? It doesn't expand the base. It preaches to the home crowd. He just wants his brother-in-law (Matthew Elliott) to be given a job. 

This also fails to notice that they already have such an outfit. The Brexit Central/ConHome axis is attempting all of that - and is still failing to win the argument. These people are manifestly incapable of making an intelligent case for Brexit. As outlined in detail over the course of this blog, almost everything they believe in is demonstrably wrong. More than anything, the Tory right is engaged in a long campaign of self-deception and denial and now the wheels are falling off.

This drivel from the Telegraph actually isn't worth more of my time, but what this tells us is that they at least realise that their grand project is on the rocks and it needs saving. Yet, somehow they believe the same people who wrecked it are the people who can save it. Bizarre.

This all stems from a militant refusal to engage in reality and back a workable plan. Having refused to take on board the most basic concepts of Brexit they stand naked, exposed and ridiculed. They can't take on new information, they're bogged down in ideological quicksand and they can't get their lies straight between them. They've blown it.

As to who I mean by Toryboys, I mean the real thickos. That's Daniel Hannan, Mark Wallace, Paul Goodman, thieving Allister Heath, corrupt Steve Baker, inbred Matthew Elliott, and all the grubby, devious dick-smoking social climbers in the IEA/ASI. They wanted to own Brexit, and from their position in London they succeeded. These egotistical know-nothings thought defending their little dungheap more important than succeeding. Now it's crashing just like we said it would. Another teachable moment for those who can't be told anything. Good job, dickheads.

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