Thursday, 27 July 2017

Nothing useful to report

I have a working theory at the moment that the closer one is to Westminster the less one is likely to understand Brexit. Anybody who has understood the size and scope of it sees no alternative but to remain in the single market. Though this is seemingly now the consensus view, even those in Westminster who support this cannot say exactly why and have a shaky understanding of the concepts.

As a whole though the most coherent consensus from Westminster is that "something must be done". It is this lack of coherence that allows the hold outs to continue to press on with their issue illiterate agenda. There is insufficient knowledge in the system to resolutely defeat it and way too much political cowardice.

As a blogger one is supposed to react to every morsel of gossip but this gets us nowhere and adds nothing. As each day passes some or other nobody MP will add their ignorance to the mountain that exists already, bringing us marginally closer to a conclusion but a consensus without a firm decision is worthless. Hence we are drifting rudderless toward the the drop.

Even this is not useful analysis in that it is nothing different to anything we could have said over the last year. At some point you just have to say "wake me up when they know what they're doing". Which could be never at this point. We simply do not have a functioning governing apparatus. It will be left to Brussels to decide for us.

As to the wider debate, I could indulge myself with a long essay on post Brexit trade strategy but if this spirals out of control then we can drop the idea entirely. Our main diplomatic efforts will be damage control and mitigation efforts. There simply won't be the budget or the resource to pursue any kind of active foreign policy.

It would seem that the UK is now politically spent. Bereft of competence. There is nothing left to do now but wait for this sorry mess to unravel. It's the end of the road, the cupboard is bare and there is nothing left to be said. Failure looks certain and then all we can do is clear up their mess. 

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