Saturday, 30 September 2017

Boris Johnson must go

Tory MPs need to be asking themselves if Johnson is really the best they have to offer. If not, they need to act now. Events have a way of taking on a life of their own and BJ could end up PM because there simply wasn't anything to stop him. All too often if a decision is not made then life has a way of forcing a decision on you.

And let's be clear on this; Boris Johnson would be a disaster. Actually worse than Corbyn. Boris Johnson is a sociopath. He does not care about anything or anyone. His laziness is matched only by his ignorance. He is a man-child with no concept of consequences because he is used to having others clean up his messes and make excuses.

We are told that "Boris is Boris" with a casual shrug as though that were meant to explain or comfort. Boris is Boris, sure. Which is another way of saying he is a conniving, dishonest thieving, boorish snake in the grass. And if you're fine with that in any of the top posts in government then why did you even bother getting into politics?

It would be sad to see Johnson as leader of the Tories because that really would be game over. However, if Tories put him in charge then it is game over for Britain. It is that serious.

The international community understands the power dynamic that Johnson has to be tolerated. They will be patient. If however, this man is the premier of the United Kingdom, representing British people, they will turn their backs on us.

Johnson is no statesman. He is a crass, bullying thug. There is no possibility of any UK initiative succeeding with him as PM. It would send a message that Brexit really is all those ugly things we said it wasn't. Inward looking and isolationist. As to Brexit the only thing Johnson can deliver is a masterclass in Tory misanthropy and a decade chaos.

I have no love of socialism, I have no stomach for the left at all, but I'll take my chances with Corbyn if Johnson is the best they can do. There are at least some internal restraints on Corbyn. Tories have proved they will let Johnson get away with murder.

The message coming out from the Tories is that there is no low Johnson can stoop to that they will not excuse. If that is really where the Tories are at then they have lost their moral base and any semblance of standards, thus are unfit to govern.

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