Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Keeping up appearances...

Well hello there strangers. You may have noticed that this blog has gone a bit quiet. If, however, you follow me on Twitter then you know I've not been the remotest bit quiet. I've ramped up Leave Alliance content along with a renewed burst of video blogging

As ever the uptake on video blogging is not in the high numbers but it's dry stuff and only really of interest to a select audience. There's no thundering Brexit speeches from this quarter. The strategy is as always - informing the informers.

What I have noted is that Twitter "threading" is a highly effective communication tool with sometimes more than a million daily impressions. That is not to say that a million people necessarily absorbed what I have to say but I think it safe to say it reaches more than this humble blog.

This is not to say that I won't maintain this blog because it is still growing and another useful platform for expressing more complex ideas. For the moment though, its all hands to the pump and theorising over future trade issues is a luxury not available to me at the moment. Much of what I would say has already been said and I will cough up a vital organ if I have to do another post about Norway. As to the daily ins and outs, has it more than covered.

I wish there was actually more to say at the moment but it would appear the job is to keep repeating the same points and seeking out new audiences. Curiously remainers seem to be taking more of an interest as Brexiteers crawl further into their ideological hole. It's refreshing to be taking a different strain of abuse.

As it happens, a lot of Brexit blogging is waiting for things to happen and treading water until something seismic happens. Florence was supposed to be the moment that reignited the issues. It didn't happen. I suspect, however, that I won't have long to wait before there is more going on than even I can write about.

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