Saturday, 16 June 2018

The curse of the Brexit blob

So who do I mean when I refer to the "Brexit Blob"? There's the usual suspects. Redwood, Rees-Mogg, Paterson and the other nonentity backbenchers, and then there's the Tufton Street sock puppet think tanks and then the ayatollahs of Brexit.

These will be people like Lawson, Ruth Lea, Hartley Brewer, Brendan O'Neill, John Longwoth, Kate Hoey, Gisela Stuart, Low Fact Chloe, John Mills and so on and so forth. The ones who aren't lying are stone stupid.

These are the people who colluded to ensure that novbody outside the Westminster bubble got a voice in the campaign. That is why The Leave Alliance has struggled to win any exposure. Partly thanks to Hannan's sabotage early on - aided by the Bruges Group.

These are all the people who steadfastly refused to have any kind of plan, promising everything under the sun during the campaign, telling any lie no matter how big, and collectively know sweet FA about the EU or the mechanics of Brexit.

At one point or other, they all floated Norway as a possible avenue or pointed to Norway as an example of prospering outside of the EU. But now the referendum is over, the groupthink is that we can pull out without a deal and everything will be fine.

They now tell us that the Norway option is not even leaving the EU. With the aid of CapX, The Telegraph, City AM and a number of other operations like BrexitCentral, they have fed a steady stream of ideological poison into the debate.

Being that your average journalist knows nothing about the process they have been able to do this with virtually no challenge - especially not from BBC TV presenters - all of whom (including Andrew Neil) haven't the first idea what's going.

There has not been any serious effort by the BBC to verify the claims of the Brexit blob - and because the media is a self-referential closed loop they wouldn't know where to even look for quality information.

What makes this worse is the polarisation in the debate where leave voters give their support to Brexit personalities just because they are on the same side. I have been sidelined because I criticise them. Brexit has become a cult like groupthink.

Not a single one of the London Brexit blob has won my respect in all this time. It's a spectrum of incompetence from the utterly braindead Kate Hoey through to the insane Andrew Lilico through to the breathtakingly dishonest Jacob Rees-Mogg. They are all garbage.

I already knew they were pretty dismal people but when acting in unison all I see is pure mendacity, arrogance and contemptible stupidity. If I didn't hate the EU so much as I do I would have switched sides. I am also reminded that the Remain blob are equally foul specimens.

Leading this carnival of incompetence is the clueless Theresa May, deep in her bunker, lacking the necessary information she needs to make a decision because there are people policing what information she gets. She's frozen like a rabbit in headlights.

Then we have the contemptibly cavalier and lazy David Davis who is not doing his job and Liam Fox and Johnson doing, well, bog all as far as I can see. They contribute nothing and I don't even get the impression they are trying to find solutions.

The consequence of this is not trivial. If Britain crashes out without a deal we are looking at emergency measure throughout and Britain is highly likely to face a depression having lost all of its formal trade relations. A giant clusterfuck of unprecedented proportions.

There is now a growing body of opinion that has joined me in pushing for the EEA option but we have no voice because the media frames the EEA as the remainers preferred option. RT have been kind enough to have me on but you won't see me on any BBC show.

Making this worse are the supposedly neutral think tanks who collectively know bog all and are not thinking in strategic terms. All they do is churn over whatever is fashionable from week to week, recycling each others material and telling each other how marvellous they are.

So were are now drifting toward a calamity with nobody at the wheel, while MPs are utterly obsessed with trivia - and selling the country short with their party political games. Labour is an absolute disgrace. Not fit to run a whelk stall.

The only MPs who has shown due diligence is Stephen Kinnock who has a clear understanding of the issues and is acting in good faith. Others pushing for the EEA are not acting in good faith. They just see it as a way to park Brexit.

But of all the options available, from an economic and geo-strategic perspective, the EEA option is a no brainer. Efta is about the right balance for our needs, and it represents a workable compromise that reasonable remainers can get behind.

But then half the problem is we have leavers and remainers re-fighting the referendum with entrenched positions, each lining up behind the moronic celebs they parade on Question Time. So we are not getting informed debate nor are we getting quality information.

Our politics is far too atomised for there to be any coherence, MPs are totally negligent in failing to get to grips with the issues and the media is hopeless. They are completely unserious which is why the Brexit blob can spread their poison.

Consequently, IF we are lucky enough to avoid crashing out, we will be locked in a perpetual transition limbo with uncertainty killing UK investment and jobs. It's worse than leaving or remaining. that's the one thing Farage is right about.

And then there's you people. You brainlessly retweet BrexitCentral and Leave Means Leave completely oblivious to their disaster capitalist agenda just because they fly your team's flag. They don't give a toss about you. Watch where they're putting their own money.

Meanwhile all this business with Arron Banks is just a sideshow. He's being made the media fall guy by the Tory Brexit blob when it's those mendacious bastards who stole the referendum campaign and have hijacked it ever since. Not that I have ANY sympathy for Banks.

So unless you people get your act together and support the EEA Efta option then you're looking at vassal state Brexit or an absolute unmitigated disaster that will see Britain slide into political and economic oblivion for decades. It's up to you.

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