Friday, 30 November 2018

The dangers of undermining democracy

I'm away for a couple of days so unable to blog in any detail - though I will have quite a bit to say when I'm back at it. I do, though, think that this Twitter thread by @Sage_Opinion deserves an airing because it's absolutely on the money.
Über Remainers are playing a very dangerous game. Despite their attempts to conceal the true nature of their actions, they have clearly been attempting to subvert democracy for their own benefit. If a section of society is left with the impression that their involvement in a system of democracy is pointless, that they are second class citizens and being ignored by a dishonest and corrupt political class, then an environment has been created that has the potential for civil disorder or worse.

When people no longer feel like a valued part of a society, they no longer feel obliged to follow the rules of society. If frustration builds to anger and resentment, but based on experience, political / democratic activity within a corrupt system is viewed as pointless, then no release valve exists for the anger, that will be directed at the establishment and it's privileged class of supporters.

At this point, the establishment and it's supporters who conspired to subvert democracy, will discover what happens when you corrupt the system and leave angry people no peaceful,democratic means to bring about change. Dear Remainers, don't say you were not warned.
I'm just parking this for the moment because it's a theme I will expand on, including some of their more obnoxious tactics, linking in with how sees how things can rapidly fall apart.

This is not to say that I think the legacy remain camp will succeed in stopping Brexit but the government should also take note before it signs any deal with the EU. A betrayal will have lasting repercussions.

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