Saturday, 1 December 2018

The totalitarianism of the Remain mob

My account is presently suspended on Twitter for the week. It goes with the territory that the remain herd will police the debate looking for any juicy morsel they can exaggerate and distort with a view to triggering a mass reporting, with the preferred aim of seeing their opponents accounts suspended. It is a form of censorship - and even the existence of the tactic means that Twitter users are forced to self-censor. Here I have been accused of issuing a death threat to Jessica Simor QC.

Cue the faux outrage and weaponised offence taking.

We then get a quite deliberate twisting of it from her followers - tagging in others as he goes.

Which then mutates into "inciting murder", tagging in the police and various high profile remainer hacks...

Which then gets picked up by the never sincere James O'Brien.

And then the urge to grass me up from self-style nazi hunter, Otto English. Basically man looking to shut down debate and no-platform anyone he deems unclean.

Here you have the classic Twitter assassination technique. This is roughly what the same gang pulled on the now infamous "Noncegate" tweet in which I mock the uber-quisling, AC Grayling. Best of all, in a new witness statement in respect of the linked blog (in which he massages the (nonexistent) harm done by it), Grayling even admits the Twittersmear dynamic.

He's actually lying about my 10,000 followers. It was quite a bit less at the time - and if I recall the tweet received miniscule attention until the FBPE mob decided to make a meal of it. This is how they play it. The court will probably be taken in by it not least because his lawyers will be about as dishonest as Simor et al.

But let's cut to the chase here. Richard North asserted that overturning the referendum without proper process could trigger a civil war. I make no comment on that. Simor asks if he is serious. My belief is that it would indeed be dangerous to test this proposition, hence, I wouldn't be in any rush to find out - especially were I her. Why?

Was Jo Cox killed by a far right extremist? Yes. There's a precedent for assasination. Have the tabloid media run provocative headlines in respect of the legal proceedings over A50? Yes. See the DM Traitors headline. Is Simor a well known remain activist in the legal professional connected to those such proceedings? Yes. Is there a basis for believing that she could be targeted by an insurgent movement in the event of a civil war? Yes. If MI5 have done their homework they probably think so too.

My graphic assertion that she would likely be among the first to be swinging from a lamppost in that hypothetical scenario has reasonable grounds. You are free to agree or disagree. Was it a threat though? No. To therefore assert that I have issued a threat of any kind is a lie. To then massage that lie in order to have my account suspended and possible police involvement is a cynical and grotesque attempt to silence me - as is quite typical for the FBPE fraternity and evidently other QC's seeking to capitalise on social media "pile ons".

And as usual there is a double standard at work. As one tweeter notes, you point out that history teaches us denying the ballot leads to the bullet, and you're inciting violence. Argue that Brexit will lead to unrest, and it's published in The Guardian.

What we are seeing from the legacy remain campaign, alongside an attempt to reverse Brexit, is a coordinated effort to whip up the remain mob to bring the authorities to bear on the individual - knowing that they have no right of reply. This is far from harmless. This is the establishment in action and it's totalitarianism. The measure of any liberal society is the protection of the individual against the mob. This behaviour exploits the weakness in the system and erodes that very liberalism for the purpose of controlling the narrative.

Unironically it is precisely that kind of conduct that causes the establishment to be despised - by the way it punches downwards. It is precisely this kind of dishonesty and malevolence that will indeed trigger social unrest - doubly so if we do not leave the EU. It is precisely this which makes politics that little bit more dangerous. As bad as it is on Twitter, the likes of Grayling using his power and wealth to go after political opponents, abusing the system in the process, turns politics into all out war.

For all that the remoaners have cried "fascist" at every turn, these are the people trying to overturn a vote by any means necessary, using the arms of the state to silence opposition, using censorship tactics online - and now they're even burning books. This is pure fanaticism. The legacy remain movement is a Full Blown Psychiatric Episode.

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