Thursday, 23 May 2019

Election day.

I might have liked to have sent a message in these elections confirming my desire to leave the EU but the Brexit Party set itself up as the party of no deal thus stands atop a mountain of lies and collective self-delusion. A mass retreat from the real world. Not in my name.

To acknowledge the risks of no deal and argue that the political landscape demands more radical action (and having an idea what to do after) might be persuasive but these people are pushing the idea that Brexit can be fudged without grave consequences. That makes them irresponsible liars and propagandists waging a zero sum game culture war which everybody loses. They are no longer interested in the outcomes. They are only interested in winning for its own sake even if that leaves Britain weaker and poorer.

Being that the Brexit blob never defined a viable outcome they will always cry betrayal which tells you that this is a demagogue's crusade interested only in massaging grievance while masquerading as democrats.

Theirs is the belief that leaving the EU leaves us free to act unilaterally without consequence; The notion that what we do is in isolation from world politics and that we have the might to withstand global forces even superpowers struggle to bring to heel. A fantastical notion of glorious sovereignty where the world will look the other way as we throw international conventions into the bin, expecting that we retain the same levels of carefully nurtured soft power. All you have to do is believe hard enough.

This delusion is no basis for a decision of this magnitude with repercussions lasting through decades. If this pig headed anti-knowledge obstinacy is the thing that ultimately costs us Brexit itself, there will be none more deserving of defeat. It won't be the forces of remain that defeats Brexit. Rather it will be our political system as a whole that probed the inconsistencies and found no satisfactory answers. Much though I would like to leave the EU, it would be a rare example of the system working if no deal is defeated. If the price of that is no Brexit at all then it will be the likes of Farage and Mogg who take the greater share of the blame than May or even the useless remainer bunch.

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