Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Why I'm saying no to the Brexit Party

As a leaver you'd expect me to back the Brexit Party but I've concluded that these people aren't interested in Brexit at all. For sure they want a Brexit event to happen but largely for its own sake. Once it happens they'll lose interest and and blame the fallout on whatever the next government does. They're not actually going to own up to their shit when it goes wrong.

To demand that we leave without a deal is the demand to terminate all formal relations with a peacetime ally. As damaging as that is, it is also not a viable destination for Brexit. At this point we have to confront the reality that after Brexit the EU still exists as a regional economic and political power. It can and will flex its muscles and when the UK realises it wants mutual access to markets, the EU is in a position to set the rules and make demands where we as the junior, and not a global standard setter, end up doing as we're told.

Since we'll have flushed a trade package worth £270bn down the toilet and are then racing to rollover deals with others on the same or inferior terms, we will end up signing whatever is put in front of us without much parliamentary or public debate which to me is counter to the whole spirit of Brexit. Taking back control it is not. Though Boris Johnson promised "bumper deals", my lengthy discussions with our trade ambassadors suggests the contrary.

The Brexit Party have proven adept at propaganda and sloganeering but all of it is geared toward one objective; being out of the EU as fast as possible irrespective of whether that puts us in a better or even recoverable position. It is a single minded crusade by the self-hypnotised who believe the world will bend to their overly optimistic imaginings. They're operating a scorched earth policy which explains their alliance with the nihilistic revolutionary cult known as Spiked.

Many think that there must be a strong showing in favour of leaving at the euro-elections but I think the low turnout tells its own story about EU legitimacy. I wouldn't be voting anyway but I certainly couldn't vote for a pack of sloganeering demagogues with zero subject knowledge and zero idea what comes next.

The short of it is that there is an exit deal on the table, and though it's not what I'd hoped for, I can see how many of our global level commitments would lock in policy in much the same way so there is nothing to be gained by a petulant walkout. It can always be refined over time. Brexit was always going to be a lengthy, detailed process.

The Brexit Party are spoiled children demanding the adults suspend their adult faculties because "democracy", but here we must remind them that the mandate was to leave the EU. The question of how we leave was always a matter for Parliament and if Farage and his newfound communist bedfellows wanted to influence that then they should have had a plan and a set of coherent demands. They refused. They actively worked to suppress any kind of deliverable Brexit policy because they'd have to admit that the real world means Brexit can never deliver all that they promised.

I will be disappointed if we remain in the EU but I will not lend my support to this pack of know-nothing con-artists and if they lose the prize at the end of all this then I won't be blaming remainers. Plenty of remain voters would have reconciled themselves to Brexit were there a plan and a credible destination but they are right not to gamble the future standing of the country on flights of fantasy from the like of Tice, Farage, Redwood, Mogg and the latter day Brexit carpetbaggers. Preventing these psychopaths from wrecking the country is the first duty of any serious politician regardless of the EU issue.

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