Thursday, 18 July 2019

Fatboy Halligan strikes again

I do seem to be picking on the Spectator quite a bit lately. This time it's fatboy Liam Halligan again. He who can be found elsewhere on The Spectator telling us that we have nothing to fear from no deal and we can trade just fine on WTO rules. This week he tells us Varadkar’s backstop gamble could cost Ireland dearly.

He says "But with Boris Johnson heading for Downing Street, there’s a growing realisation that no deal could actually happen — and that it would be terrible for Ireland. Half the Republic’s beef, timber and construction material exports are sold in the UK, and over two-thirds of goods exporters use Britain as a ‘land bridge’ — crossing the Irish Sea, then travelling by road to eastern UK ports, heading for the EU and global markets." 

So how can it be he spends the rest of the time telling us Britain's exports will not be affected and that delays and problems at the ports are just "project fear"? It can't be both.

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