Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Femi gets the Grayling treatment.

Remain activist, Femi Oluwole, apparently to be sued by Richard Tice of The Brexit Party. Oluwolue quote-tweeted a 2018 tweet from Leave.EU, which he called "anti-Jewish". The Leave.EU tweet he accuses of anti-Semitism depicts Jewish Hungarian investor George Soros manipulating Tony Blair like a puppet, with the comment: "The face of the People's Vote campaign.".

Categorically, Oluwole is wrong on this. There has never really been an antisemitic strain in euroscepticism that I know of, and I've been on the scene since the days of Alan Sked. The closest we got to it was the silly Bilderberg conspiracies of Rodney Atkinson and his entourage. Even Farage was sensible enough to steer clear of that. The image tweeted by Leave.EU really only speaks to the financial clout George Soros has over key remain spokesmen, including, as I understand it, Femi Oluwole himself. Both Blair and Soros very much represent the globalist voice which is the general thrust of the Leave.EU tweet. Foul natured it perhaps may be, but antisemitic it is not. 

But this does not belong in a law court. This is Twitter politics. Twitter is a self-contained sewer and nobody would know or care what went on there if the media itself did not believe it to be the alpha and omega of politics. I am reminded of that Jonathan Swift quote... "It is the folly of too many to mistake the echo of a London coffee-house for the voice of the kingdom".

You might expect me to enjoy a certain amount of schadenfreude over this, and indeed I do, but only to a point. What we have here is yet another example of rich men using the law to silence political opposition. It was wrong when AC Grayling did it and it's wrong now. When the verdict came through over my own case, when I playfully suggested Grayling had a hard drive full of "underage botty sex videos", I warned "This is not the first case of its type and it won't be the last until the law is repaired or reformed".

This sort of vindictive, tribally motivated lawfare is deeply unhealthy and threatens to spiral out of control to the point where you have to check how much someone is worth before daring to criticise or mock them. If Tice goes ahead with this then he stands to bankrupt Oluwole for the crime of interpreting a cartoon. Pretty soon Twitter then becomes a major source of income for the libel lawyers and this becomes a lucrative way to shut down debate and silence criticism.

My own view is that Oluwole is best ignored. As aleaver I do not in any way feel threatened by anything he says and does. At my most charitable I would describe him as a bit of a prat - but one who occupies our time largely because our media sees him as the voice of remain yoof. I don't doubt that being black has something to do with it too. Diversity quotas and all that. It's not because he has anything particularly intelligent to say. 

The crucial point, though, is that this is asymmetric warfare. The rich versus the poor. Richard Tice and AC Grayling can afford to throw away £30k on a frivolous political assassination for the entertainment of their supporters, hiring the best lawyers in the business to do it. There is no point even filing a defence against that in that the law does not take into account to politically motivated nature of these cases - or even whether any real harm was done. The legal system is weaponised and consequently tainted. Powerful men who want for nothing can strip another of everything he has. Sounds like a great way to discourage the plebs from participating in politics. That's not a society I want to live in.

NB. I told Grayling's hired thugs to fuck off and they're still not getting a penny of the £50k they're demanding. 

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