Wednesday, 13 April 2016

So it's Vote Leave...

Having invested so much energy in trying to shape the message of the Brexit campaign, I can't not pass comment on the official designation of lead campaigns. I'm not going to do the Remain camp any favours by pointing out once more their deeply flawed approach. Those of you who read the blog know what my many concerns are.

But it wasn't a day of bated breath for me in that whoever won it, the only real losers are those committed campaigners dedicated to winning. A bad as Vote Leave is, the Arron Banks operation is no more competent or credible and their campaign output is legendarily moronic. The only real difference between the two is the personal taste of their lead graphic designer.

While I could say "I told you so" and gloat in the direction of messers Banks and Wigmore, it serves no purpose. So stupid are they, they have zero comprehension that they have done anything wrong in how they have conducted themselves or their campaign, and continue to reinforce their own failure by calling for a wholly fruitless judicial review. It will fail, and luckily for the cause, little attention will be paid to it. The media will only be temporarily interested in the affairs of losers.

In the wake of this there will no doubt be calls for unity. The best I can do to oblige those calls is to temporarily mute my harshest criticisms, but even then, the promotion of our own message directly contradicts that of Vote Leave, so there is only so much I can do to oblige the undeserving, who have shown zero intention of listening to outside influences.

The disappointment is that Arron Banks's operation could have won it and would have enjoyed the support of The Leave Alliance bloggers had they adopted a credible Brexit plan. They were given ample opportunity to do so, yet strung us along with lies. Their failure today is wholly deserved.

But since this has been a foregone conclusion for quite some time I am somewhat ambivalent. I came to terms with the fact we would have an inept campaign some time ago and it all followed the path we expected it to take.

But for those campaigners who are on side with our message I urge you not to be despondent. While we have been invested in pushing our own message, we have gained a lot of respect and our arguments do cut through the noise. Thus it is imperative that we keep making them.

We overestimate the importance of the lead campaigns and it will really be individuals who make the difference. How this goes really depends on what you decide to do. Moreover, we are blessed with an equally incompetent Remain campaign. Their ever more shrill squeals for attention are quite ridiculous.

That said, Leave campaigners should not lose sight of who the real Remain campaign is. David Cameron. Everything depends on undermining his authority and prestige and demonstrating that Dodgy Dave came back from Brussels with a fist full of nothing.

In this, the noisemaker campaigns hold little sway. Vote Leave could have given us an advantage but they have squandered it. We are now at the mercy of events. If we bloggers and tweeters can keep up the pressure then we can make a difference. That's all anyone can ask of us. There will come a time for a reckoning with the wastrels and liars of Vote Leave, but that will have to wait. We have a job to do.

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