Thursday, 17 November 2016

Breitbart: the voice of hate

I note that Breitbart has been in the news today after a Beeboid suggested that the vessel is in some way antisemitic. I wouldn't venture an opinion on that. It should however be noted that Breitbart weaves a deeply unpleasant narrative with the express intent of riling up their own constituency of single-minded bigots for whom ending freedom of movement really is the primary reason for leaving the EU.

The writing style of Breitbart is virtually identical to that of most actual far-right vessels and its UK constituency has more than a coincidental overlap. The appointment of Raheem Kassam is entirely a smokescreen. The man is basically a chancer with a lizard-like brain, who will be the person that circumstance demands if it advances his own personal cause - which is Raheem Kassam, and not a lot else.

In pursuit of his own self-gratification he has shown himself to be a shrewd operator and skilled social climber which is why he and Farage are peas in a pod - and rumour has it that they are both equally unpleasant. This social intelligence though does not stop him from basically being thick as pigshit, much like Farage.

Breitbart London is pretty much the mouthpiece of Ukip's mouthfoamers, popularised as hate HQ for the morons who frequented the Disqus comments on Telegraph blogs before they were shut down.

The thinly veiled concern for women's rights and gay rights is mainly a smokescreen which excuses naked anti-Islamic sentiment - which immediately becomes obvious when they express an admiration for Putin who is not known for upholding minority rights.

Like most revolutionary rags they tend to keep a strict discipline in only reporting that which they can verify so they can lay claim to being factual, but are skilled propagandists in the way they present information, always with a view to radicalising bigots. That is not to say that Breitbart readers are necessarily stupid. The far-right is not without its intellects. Much of this hate-bait is willingly consumed by those wilfully engaged in self-radicalisation.

Breitbart pretty much occupies the place in the spectrum where the legacy media would not ordinarily tread simply because they are guided by a certain code of decency - and while the bar is set pretty low, it does not sink as low as Breitbart. In most respects Breitbart is a bigotry enabler and the whole point of it is to embolden racists and bullies while maintaining plausible deniability. It may not actually cross the line of being a white supremacist nativist shitrag but that is more through editorial intent than actual values.

Breitbart is essentially a dustbin for the Kiptards and the losers. It isn't a conservative vessel. It is a reincarnation of the BNP website when they last put any serious effort into it. It may lack the blood and soil nationalism but it is most certainly read by all those who subscribe to such toxic politics.

I had my fill of Breitbarters during the general election and during the referendum campaign - people who to this day insist Leave would have won by a larger margin if only they have been allowed to be even more toxic than they already are and grunt about Mulsims more.

In this, the BBC have missed a trick in assuming Breitbart is anti-semitic in that the Breitbart constituency is to a large extent rabidly pro-Israel and will make just about any excuse for them. This is a strand of Israel advocacy that crosses over into worship by way of having a common enemy. Muslims.

They can use whatever pretence or sophistry they like in order to break free of the racist label, but Breitbart is a shitty hate rag. They know it, we know it. The only people who don't are the gullible readers they ensnare.

Whether they've got round to calling themselves alt-right yet I don't know but its the same band of misanthropic miscreants for whom the Conservative Party will never be right wing enough. People who believe in pretty much zero non-white immigration, people who want low taxes and small government, except for a massive and illiberal border force for which they will pay any price because swarthy foreigners are coming to rape their women. Morons basically.

More than anything it is a support group for losers who can find no community or company elsewhere. Hating everyone and everything is full time job. Consequently it has cult status and anyone who is not a devotee is either a "cuckservative" or a "leftard". You might not actually be dealing with jackbooted skinheads but still they are obsessed with hating anyone with a different opinion.

Now I like to be robustly right wing as much as the next guy but these people are true obsessives who live for their hate and have little else going for them. It's a state of mind and it's deeply unhealthy. It depends on a constant flow of scare stories and confirmation of narrative. Breitbart is what sustains it and they in turn sustain Breitbart. Call it what you like but it's ugly, corrosive and deeply toxic. It is not a website for healthy people. You don't have to be a racist to read Breitbart, but it does seem to help.

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