Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Ukip's race to the bottom

I spent most of the lead up to the general election analysing every move Ukip made. This was with a view to discrediting Ukip in the public eye - and though they did a good job unaided I would like to think my (other) humble blog played a small part in that. My view was then as it is now; that had Ukip been allowed to make the running in a referendum then we would almost certainly lose it.

In the end Ukip's own manifest incompetence spoke for itself and by polling day Ukip was a busted flush. In that time, those who know me well might recall that there were times when I lost a little perspective, but that was only to be expected when having to explain what should be abundantly obvious to Ukippers who were (and still are) unspeakably foul creatures. Preening, stupid and many of them unequivocally bigoted.

But as with any particular specialism, once you zone in on a particular target, one tends to lose track of other developments. A thick and crass as Ukip are, the revelation to me this year is that Ukip's dull wittedness is not especially egregious. It is in fact the norm.

Following from yesterday's example, today I learn from Think Defence that Debbie Abrahams MP (Labour) asks the MoD not how we bridge our air drop capability gap but asks how many vending machines in the MoD contain snack foods that are high in calories and low in nutritional value. We also learn (pictured above) that Hilary Benn has no idea that "drones" cannot drop aid.

This really should shatter any illusions that it's the Corbynite wing of Labour holding the monopoly on being vacuous narcissistic animals. It seems the entire political class has declared a race to the bottom. For the first time Ukip's position at the pinnacle of doltishness is momentarily threatened.

Consequently Ukip so they have hit back hard today. Ukip's new Brexit spokesman, Gerard Batten MEP, has announced that Ukip's official policy is now to reject the Article 50 process and withdraw from the EU unilaterally. Even Labour will have to work hard to top that. I don't like to tempt fate but I think we are now at the bottom of the barrel.

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