Saturday, 5 November 2016

Labour's silly little games

I suppose since I blog about Brexity things I should write something about Mr Corbyn's comments. The short of it is that Labour will block Brexit unless Mrs may commits us to staying in the EU. That's not what he actually said but that's pretty much the gist of it. This being the same Corbyn moaning the other day about needing carve outs from the single market in order to nationalise the trains.

But then we can expect this tedious claptrap from a man who doesn't know whether he's coming or going. He talks of "access to the single market" - a somewhat elastic term. He doesn't know what it means. Not a very good advert for parliamentary scrutiny.

What it does tell us is that there is now a united front in the Labour party with Corbyn saying pretty much the same as Kier Sturmer. What they are saying is that they are the party of the remoaners and they have turned their backs on the working classes in Labour heartlands who voted to leave.

Where they get the idea that parliament can bind Mrs May in negotiations escapes me. The consequence of this is that a coalition including a few Tory "bastards" could conceivably stall Brexit. Presumably this is with a view to forcing a general election. I can't see the logic personally. Labour under Corbyn cannot win an election even with the hardcore remoaners behind him. As much as there would be a backlash the public have had enough of this and want Mrs May to get on with it.

I suspect having shown their hand this may influence the Supreme Court's decision. If parliament cannot bind Mrs May in negotiations there is nothing to be gained by yet more bitter politicking and the longer this continues the more the corrosive uncertainty lingers on. Though judges are meant to disregard background politics, in the real world I can see this having influence.

To me these self-indulgent little games typify Labour's entire approach. It's tawdry and tiresome, cynical and opportunistic and it shows that Labour do not have the interests of the country at heart. Labour has shown little interest in the Brexit issue throughout and to this day still struggle with the basic terminology. They are going through the motions. Opposition for its own sake. What have they done to deserve a say?

Thankfully Mrs May is having none of it. She has the backing of the country, and one way or another, this petulance from the opposite benches will be slapped down. This is the protracted swansong of the remoaners. Mrs May might lose her appeal in the Supreme Court, but the smart money is on MPs not having a deathwish. Their stupidity may be boundless but their capacity for self-serving self-preservation is the one thing that matches it.

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