Thursday, 20 September 2018

Chequers est mort

So Chequers is dead. Again. Today the EU has come as close as they will ever get to explicitly ruling it out. The line is still that "there are elements we can work with" which I assume to be the preface and the ring binder it arrived in.

Meanwhile I've been busy with a model of a Russian T62 tank that has come out very well indeed. I know I'm supposed to be blogging Brexit especially when there is such a flurry of activity but activity is not productivity - and though we've seen volumes of copy produced in the last forty-eight hours we are still in the same place. There isn't a workable plan, May still doesn't have an alternative to the Irish backstop, the EU hasn't softened its line and the same basic principles still apply.

What also hasn't changed is that Mrs May is not listening to anything she is told. She will go on ignoring anything said by Brussels and will continue to hold Chequers aloft as the only way forward until we reach a full blown crisis.

Reaction to the non-news that Chequers is dead has been entirely predictable, with the Tory party now urging May to pursue a Canada style FTA while the remainoids bleat that any version of Brexit is undeliverable - with both sides ignoring the EEA elephant in the room. Both sides have a vested interest in ensuring it is politically non-viable.

Beyond that there is nothing to report. We were nowhere yesterday and we are nowhere today. There's the usual chatter about a second referendum that isn't going to happen but that is mostly displacement activity and to pass the time of day until something interesting happens. I feel more inclined to clean behind the fridge.

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