Tuesday, 25 September 2018

What is this Brussels thing?

I'm quite an avid fan of maps. I can while away hours on Google Earth, exploring all the places I will likely never go. This afternoon, though, I spotted an error. I have found something called "Brussels". I have heard rumours that such a thing exists but listening to the machinations of our political class I have been convinced for some time that it does not actually exist.

Theresa May has doubled down on her Chequers plan despite various voices from within the EU telling her it will not work. Then we find the IEA producing a "plan" with the same fundamental errors. All the while we have a piƱata of Labour mix and match policies which again totally fail to take into account that the EU might have an opinion on the matter.

For some time now nothing said by Brussels has made any impact on the national debate so now we have to assume that Google maps is displaying a glitch in the system. Here we are locked into a crucial negotiation that will decide the UK's standing in Europe and the world for the next half century - in what is possibly the most important thing to happen to politics in more than three decades. It cannot possibly be the case, therefore, that Brussels does exist otherwise it would on some level feature in the debate. For once I am willing to conclude that I alone am the one in error. This thing I see before me is but a mirage.

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