Monday, 17 September 2018

Waiting for reality

I have never been described as a quiet person. Being a somewhat large Yorkshireman, it is difficult not to be noticed. I am also one who has plenty to say most of the time. Not so at the moment. I am beset by a quietness of the mind and one does not speak simply for the sake of speaking. All I can really write about is how little there is to say.

Last month I managed to clock up forty three blog posts which is unusually high even for someone as prolific as me. This month, though, I seem to be mute. There are groans and creaks in the Brexit world but nothing I would consider a reportable shift in dynamics. We are counting down to conference season where the politics is tribal and tedious and all we are likely to see is politicians broadcasting their stances to the party faithful. Dull as dishwater.

The only thing especially outstanding this last week is the frantic tone of the remain brigade who have launched yet another new campaign attracting another hundred thousand pounds through crowdfunding. It is yet more tone deaf elitism from Gina Miller, launching a full scale NHS love-in. It would struggle to be more tiresome.

It actually tells us quite a lot about the Westminster bubble. Whenever they feel the need to connect with the plebs they make noises about threats to the NHS as though that were our sole preoccupation. It was annoying when Vote Leave did it and now now Remain doing it is comical. It tells us that they still think the referendum was won by a big red bus.

One could be a little more animated were this in any way a credible threat to Brexit but I have long felt that we have crossed the event horizon, we are leaving and it has taken on a life of its own. Attempts to influence events have proven futile so now we just watch and wait to see what comes out of the oven and in the meantime chart the non-stop debasement of our media.

If there is one advantage to having a spell of inner silence it is that one has a heightened zen like awareness of what is actually important - and the way I feel at the moment, very little is. Twitter is an interminable feed of cliche and trivia and entering pointless spats with remainers is not a productive use of time.

It is reported this morning that EU officials have been busy redrafting the Northern Ireland backstop, but this is likely to be be fudging the matter just to help Theresa May sign any withdrawal agreement. May could likely chalk it up as a big win as she folds in the final hour. That's how they play it. It is, though, nothing to get terribly animated over.

The only way to derive any sort of entertainment value is by entering the Tory alternate universe where Chequers is an actual thing and one picks a side in a battle royale between two equally impractical and unworkable ventures. Addressing the issues is the very last thing the main parties wants to do - which is just as well since the lack any and all capability. The big question, the one I am waiting for, is what happens when politics returns to planet earth and Brussels says no... again. Will it sink in or do the Tories carry on in denial until it's too late?

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