Thursday, 10 September 2015

Mr Juncker is not wrong

EU President Jean-Claude Juncker has labelled a UKIP MEP's opinion "worthless" after David Coburn heckled him. Mr Juncker was delivering his inaugural "state of the union" speech to the European Parliament when David Coburn shouted something out. Mr Juncker deviated from his speech to respond, saying: "You can interrupt me from time to time. I will not at each time respond to what you are saying because what you are saying is worthless."

I suspect tact was lost in translation, but I am happy to take him at his word. He's right. Ukip have nothing of value to add. All they do is emote. Such is not productive or worthwhile. Had they any intelligent policies that would stand ground as an alternative they would be in a position to condemn, but fatuous grandstanding is all they are capable of. It is little wonder Mr Juncker holds them in such contempt. Why wouldn't you?

But then I have always said that singling out Ukip is unfair. MEPs are almost universally intellectually subnormal and I don't actually blame anybody in the Commission for treating MEPs with contempt. They are not a useful addition to the process. More than anything I think business at the EU level is too important to be left to MEPs. As dismal as Westminster MPs are, they are a quantum leap from the knuckledraggers we find in Strasbourg. That's why I want our own parliament back in control. We are not well served by this arrangement.  

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