Monday, 21 September 2015

Uncertainty you say?

We have outlined in great detail how we envisage our relationship with the EU after Brexit, but the dismal hacks of the SW1 fraternity wouldn't do anything as outrageous as visit a website like to find out. If they had, they wouldn't be able to write such fatuous articles.

In predictable fashion they are seeking to paint Brexit as a leap into the dark, invoking the uncertainty meme. Yet when it comes to uncertainty, it's the europhiles who have the questions to answer. Mr Cameron will likely go to the polls with no reforms to the EU on the vague promise of some, as yet undefined, concessions in a new treaty, the terms of which we do not yet know. It is they who are unable to spell out what the post-referendum EU looks like.

From what we can surmise the new treaty will create a full-blown euro area supreme government, with Britain in an outer tier of EU members but still affected by the move to deeper integration. There is no status quo on the ballot paper. They are selling us second class citizenship and fringe membership which means we can never be "at the heart of Europe" as the europhiles claim.

We are to be subordinated to an entity whose main concern is the survival of the Euro currency along with whatever else that entails. We are being asked to gamble our future on an undefined vision of the EU - on the word of a man who has failed to accomplish any meaningful reform. At the very least it means more of the same but with fewer rights than before and our prime minister is just a passenger in the process. That sounds like a bigger gamble to me. Reckless, you might even say.

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