Saturday, 5 September 2015

The United Kingdom Ignorance Party

There are days when I would happily jack this game in. Certainly, the outpouring of pure unbridled venom directed at migrants on social media yesterday was both depressing and heartbreaking. The disgraceful comments from Ukippers make me think that we deserve to lose. After looking at Twitter I felt like I needed to take a shower.

I am well aware that the campaign to leave has to be a big tent but I certainly don't want to be in any tent where there are Ukippers. Their comments make me genuinely physically sick. There is now no doubt in my mind that Ukip is the party for he ignorant, the intolerant, the racist and the bigoted.

There is no shrugging it off. It is not the sporadic action of a few Twitterers beyond their control. It is endemic to that party and it starts at the top. It was Farage's intention to hoover up the BNP vote and it has worked. Other than the vague aspiration to leave the EU there is nothing I now have in common with such an entity.

Naturally the internet will bring out the very worst in people, and certainly the Corbyn supporters fare little better, but bigots are now the rule for Ukip rather than the exception. It is at this point I cease using any caveats and am happy to use broad brush terms. Put simply, if you are a member or supporter of that part, you endorse the bigotry. You are complicit in it. You are deservedly tarred with the same brush.

I would like to be able to tune it out and ignore it as I can with Corbynites, but as an active campaigner for Brexit, they are impossible to avoid. Every day one of their number visits their shameless parade of ignorance on me. It's sickening.

It's getting to the point where all eurosceptics are tainted by association, and the "remain" campaign will be keen to nurture that association - thus Ukip is undermining twenty years of toil. That is unforgivable and inexcusable.

Moreover, they show no sign of heeding any words of wisdom. Not only do they not have the basic facts of the migration crisis right, they have no interest in the facts. They have a settled narrative that has become their tribal orthodoxy and there is no greater sin to them than to question it. Even constructive criticism is an attack to them. The label of cult is one well deserved.

If anything loses this referendum it will be Ukip and when they do it will be everyone's fault but their own. They will blame everything and everyone rather then address their own mistakes and shortcomings. They are nihilistic wreckers worthy of contempt. All I can say is that the United Kingdom Ignorance Party speaks only for itself. I condemn them utterly. Not in my name. 

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