Friday, 4 September 2015

The lies of British Influence

Our friends British Influence, Lord Sainsbury's propaganda outfit, are bullshitting on Facebook this morning with the above illustration. We didn't let them get away with it.

Once again, EU laws are merely rubber stamped international conventions. Just this morning I see UNECE has announced new standards on Seed Potato Field Inspection - which will, after some delay and bickering, become EU law. Our question is why should we bother with a middleman?

It should be noted that Norway is a full participant in UNECE and influences these conventions long before they get anywhere near the EU. In that regard influence in the EU talking shop is second rate influence.

More to the point, the Norway option is mooted as an interim off the shelf measure in order to minimise any disruption from Brexit and to save on replication of diplomatic effort - but it is not considered the final destination. It will take a good deal longer than the two years allotted under Article 50 to fully extract ourselves.

The Norway Option represents the best available compromise measure in that it grants single market access, but releases us from EU exclusivity on trade matters. For the world's fifth largest economy, that alone makes Brexit worth it. Course, British Influence knows all this but prefers to propagate this pernicious and cynical lie. We expand on this matter in this recent post.

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