Thursday, 17 March 2016

Bad manners

I was thinking that yesterday could have gone better. The consensus is that Dad arriving late and in a foul mood spoiled the presentation a bit. But then actually I think that is exactly what was needed.

We had yet more calls to moderate behavior and language. In short - bollocks to that.

It's apparently not the done thing in polite society to call Boris Johnson a moron. Tough. Moderating behaviour and language is what all politicians have done since the Blair years. Everything is manners and presentation - meaning political attacks are not made directly and with sincerity but through doublecross and treachery. 

The fact is that Boris Johnson is a parasitical know-nothing who is hijacking this referendum for his own purposes. The Leave campaign needs to say so. 

I think its time we stopped being polite to and about these malevolent shits - and no, that doesn't make me a "cyber-nat". It was not their passion and intensity people found repellent - it was their blood and soil nationalism and their shitty ideas. Their conduct was incidentally repellent.

They say it is our conduct that will damage our side - but we are the ones screaming from the rooftops what everybody else can see: the leave campaign is a total shambles and it has been hijacked by careerist wastrels who care not one jot if we win or lose.

I say we call these bastards out for what they are and if that means going into the heart of the machine and throwing shit around then that is exactly what I will do. If we lose, then we lose - but don't ask me to be polite about being utterly shafted by people who will use any excuse to maintain their current levels of incompetence.

Both of us have had plenty of advice saying that people would be more receptive to our message if only we weren't so rude about people. 

This ignores two things. Both of us have worked tirelessly to get through to people and through their incomprehension have attack us - and instead of doing it directly have gone behind our backs to do it - undermining our every effort. Dad went the polite way through various Westminster contacts to talk to Vote Leave to ensure they had all the facts they needed - which were summarily dismissed by Dominic Cummings who has no experience and no track record in this. No way should he be polite about that.

Meanwhile, the only reason we ended up in talks with Arron Banks was through my persistent and colourful attacks on Leave.EU. It was not our conduct that ended that relationship. It was their slovenliness, incompetence and political cowardice.

These people have NEVER been receptive to our message because from the outset we have been asking them to cull a few sacred cows and make a few compromises to get the job done. They would rather hang on to their ancient articles of faith than give way to pragmatism - and they will go to any lengths to fend off attacks to long standing orthodoxies on which careers rest.

It would not matter if we were polite to them or even about them. They are never going to heed our warnings nor are they going to adopt a Brexit plan that comes from outside of their little in-crowd. They would rather scratch their own eyes out than admit they were wrong. And so we very much will throw our toys out of the pram - we will make a scene, we will throw tantrums and we will be "impolite". It won't be us who cost us a referendum victory.

It is time to kick a few tables over and start some arguments. They have already put us on course to lose and we should not let them get away with it. And so if Dad's bluntness, for once exceeding my own, causes a shockwave and clucking from the gallery then it should. He has my total support and and if you think we are being impolite and improper you can suck it up - because it is cause and effect. If you don't like the reaction - take it up with Vote Leave. We have been far too polite for far too long.

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