Saturday, 26 March 2016

Boris Johnson is a mendacious shit - and we need to say so

We have never wanted a leader for the leave campaign. If we have a leader then the media retreats to their comfort zone and makes it a contest of personalities over issues. If that happens, this referendum becomes a referendum on whether Boris Johnson is an affable fool or a mendacious shit. In any such estimation, a careful look at the facts demonstrates the latter. The man is a self-serving parasite.

If leavers adopt Boris Johnson as their figurehead they are putting themselves n the position of defending a man with bad, contradictory arguments, a track record of being pro-EU and no redeeming personal qualities. The man is widely regarded as a tosser even by those who don't find him immediately repellent. After a thorough airing of all his flaws in the run up to the referendum, more people will wake up to the fact he is an empty shell of a human with nothing to offer politics at all.

The Remain campaign sees this as a huge advantage. And it is. Having our campaign fronted by a discredited and risible narcissist is Christmas come early for them. The only way to come back from that is for leavers to join in the chorus and let's get this out of the way. Let's have it settled, before the campaign gets serious, that everybody thinks Boris Johnson is a mendacious shit and nobody wants him.

That is the only way to take the wind out of the Remain camp sails, otherwise we are left defending the indefensible - intellectually and morally. Any campaign that holds Boris Johnson aloft and says "this is our man" is one that deserves to lose.

In this I have had a trickle of complaints from Leavers saying I should "show unity" as if blindly following this clown were somehow conducive to winning. I will "show unity" with anyone serious about making a credible case for leaving the EU, who wants to argue on the issues and disregard the sideshow of self-serving and venal politicians. That is what this referendum is all about. That however, is entirely incompatible with supporting Boris Johnson.

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