Thursday, 17 March 2016


Our backstabbing "friends" Leave.EU are in moron mode as usual. They're launching the above initiative via their email newsletter.

This is actually an idea we approached Arron Banks with some months ago, asking him to fund it. He said he would, but Arron Banks is not a man of his words and his promises are entirely empty. You would initially think we would be pleased that they have at least stolen the idea, but actually, they have, as usual, missed the point...
If you're in a position to provide insight into daily problems caused by European integration that the public might not be aware of, click the button above, and let us know what you do and what you would like to share with us as a Leave.EU Messenger! Alternatively, call us on 0800 999 4210.
The Leave.EU Messenger series launched in January, but given how heavy the burden of EU membership is, we need a lot of Messengers to tell the full story so don't hesitate to approach us, no matter what your gripe is.
The point of having messengers is to deliver a particular message according to a strategy. Ours is to debunk, offer and reassure, using Flexcit as the template. We sought to build a team of informed messengers who were briefed in a set strategy, promoting a vision and setting out the roadmap. We have done this though it is not nearly big enough. This is where Arron Banks could really have helped us. 

Having lost the initiative, and being so utterly bereft of ideas, they have now decided to dip their toe into the water but with no real idea what they are doing or why. It needed to be done far sooner. Had Banks understood what we were telling him, he might actually have had a shot at becoming the lead organisation and we would have thrown all of our support behind him - which is not nearly as insignificant as some have it. 

What we do not need is an army of people whingeing about the EU with their misapprehensions as to what the EU is responsible for. We've spent 40 years telling people how awful the EU is and if doing that was going to win the referendum, we'd be light years ahead in the polls by now.

This is yet another blundering stab in the dark by yet another bunch of amateurs with no idea what they are doing. Instead of having a plan and a strategy with will dash around like headless chickens mistaking activity for productivity, convincing themselves that a narrow lead in the polls is evidence of effectiveness. The death spiral of self-deception.

They will have their laser-light parades and wave their flags - and whinge about the EU until they are blue in the face, but like Vote Leave - they are unlikely to achieve anything.

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