Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Time for yellow belly Tories to wake up

David Cameron: leader of the Remain campaign

One of the main drag factors for the Leave campaign is gutless Tories. Leave should be ahead in the polls in the face of a terminally weak set of "reforms" - and were politics functioning normally, a lie to the public as well as the House of Commons of that magnitude should see him thrown out on his ear. There was a time when that sort of lie would have broken governments - but the Tory party allows it - and Tories still support the party - even though the party leader is the leader of the Remain campaign and most of the cabinet support him.

The Conservative party, if they were sincere about leaving the EU would be attacking this government as though it were the opposition - because it IS the opposition - and even on a more basic level there is very little Conservative about it. Because the average Tory is a singularly tribal beast with very little capacity for individual thought, they will tolerate a europhile leader, and will still campaign for that party in the run up to the local elections. They put their own petty party interests over the seminal decision of the next generation. Such spinelessness is absolutely unforgivable.

At every turn the Tory party has sold us out to the EU and even Boris Johnson's calculated announcement in support of Brexit was to keep the media distracted from Cameron's dodgy reforms. Johnson is a self-serving imbecile who still gets paid either way. He has no personal stake in it. He is a stooge for Cameron and the Leave campaign bought it hook, line, sinker and copy of Angling Times.

If Tories truly understood the significance of this vote it would be in full civil war and the party would be a smouldering wreck by now. If they won't break from bovine tribal loyalties on this of all things then they never will. Tories are yellow-belly time-wasters who are ultimately handing over the country wholesale to the EU without a fight.

Leave campaigners need to realise that whinging about the EU is not going to win the referendum. The EU is not the target. If whinging about the EU worked we would have left already. The real target is Cameron and his dodgy deal and it must be exposed. The Remain campaign stands mainly on the Prime Minister's prestige - which is why he must be politically discredited and destroyed. If as a Tory you are not willing to break ranks and break the party then you are aiding and abetting the Remain campaign.

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