Wednesday, 6 February 2019

A special place in hell

Generally speaking I prefer to keep the blog free of profanity and keep a professional tone in all the ways I do not on Twitter. But oh my god what a bunch of absolute fucking wankers. Donald Tusk's remarks about there being a "special place in hell" for those who promoted Brexit without "even a sketch of a plan" are being treated as though it were a declaration of war.

You really have to wonder if these people ever stop and listen to themselves just for a moment. I have no idea why Tusk's comments are at all controversial. The Brexiteers made a virtue of not having a plan and continued to peddle fantasies all the way through A50. Never once did they honestly engage in the technical dilemmas created by Brexit.

They never sat down to work out what they wanted to achieve. At every juncture they just reached out to any passing crackpot or Shanker Shitehawk for a glossy PDF that largely agreed with their juvenile assumptions. It was all bluff and invention. They ducked every tough question. Instead they abnegated all of their responsibility to May and wailed from the sidelines, demanding May push ahead with an agenda that was always destined to fail simply because it was never grounded in factual analysis. They never understood issues.

Being pig ignorant Toryboys they believed they could dream up any solution that suited them with no reference to what Brussels might actually agree to. Even now they ignore Barnier, expecting the EU will fold on its fundamental values and system rules. And when the media started to get to grips with the issues, albeit a year and a half late, they started asking some of the right questions - and what did we get from the ERG? More unicornery and guesswork garnished with a huge dollop of toryboy arrogance.

We've had delusional nonsense from Minford the Mad, snake oil from Shanker Singham, and inputs from the IEA that wouldn't pass for GCSE coursework. Not forgetting the occasional spin on Hannan's Brexit wheel of fortune - then telling us Switzerland had no border infrastructure. Instead of trying to plug the obvious holes in their weak ideas they simply tasked all their Toryboy pals in the media to cover for them by drafting in pseudo experts to blether with terminology they had only a passing familiarity with. The whole pack of them are bullshit artists.

So it's not unreasonable to say that there is a special place in hell for them - being that whatever is decided in the coming weeks will dictate our international standing and economic standing for decades and affect the lives of everyone. They were both cavalier and negligent.

Instead of actually owning up to their litany of failures, they instead hide behind manufactured outrage at what Tusk said - but they know (as does everyone else) that they never had a plan, and what they were telling us was possible was never remotely deliverable or viable. The one truth they couldn't face up to was that Brexit could not be done with a magic wand. It has to be done gradually and with care. But after a long campaign of industrial scale lying they couldn't tell the grunters that so they set about promoting no deal as optimal.

Dealing with the reality of Brexit would mean being honest with voters and managing expectations. Instead they pressed ahead with bloviation about "free trade". The more gullible Tories lapped it up without question. Tory activists fell into line because that's just what sheep do. So having built up a pyramid of lies, what's being delivered by the grown ups does not in any way resemble what they promised, so to save face they're now blaming Brussels. And for all that, they still want to push us over the cliff. So yes, they should burn in hell for eternity.

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