Monday, 25 February 2019

Thrilled to bits.

In a bid to stem further resignations from the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn has committed to backing an amendment for a second referendum on something (we know not exactly what) in the event on another amendment failing to pass. Or something. Or at least that is as far as I can be bothered to understand it. They're fumbling around trying to keep various factions on side with no idea how to usefully influence the process. Riding two horses going in opposite directions.

This, though, is not about achieving anything. This is purely about sending signals even though they are utterly meaningless. The media naturally loves this as it gives them something to do. It gives the Brexiter tribe a bit of outrage fodder and gives the remain sphere something to chew on. Tribal politics being what it is, the overall incoherence of this move does not register. Only the signal matters. This is why Westminster persistently exists in an alternate reality. This is why a customs union continues to have magical properties.

Meanwhile, the PM held a press conference today to basically say nothing at all. She has been all round Europe to waste the time of foreign leaders and now she is wasting ours. We knew well in advance there would be no breakthrough and nothing of substance to announce so the actual point of it escapes me save to stop the media getting carried away with the idea that we may seek to extend Article 50. The game in play is still her deal or no deal. There is still bog all to get excited about.  

Possibly the most important contribution to today's Twitter debate, though, was this GIF of a cat playing table tennis with Steve McQueen. Between that and making progress on an Airfix Sea Harrier, I've had quite a dramatic day by recent standards. I may need a lie down. 

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