Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Guilty of being right

I'm often criticised for being abrasive/rude etc. Even today that same gossip is passed around as currency as people offer their reasons for not listening to me. This is the price you pay for being right.

Y'see this blog has been right about quite a lot. I told you Arron Banks was a cretin. I told you Nigel Farage didn't know anything. I told you the ERG knew dick all about trade. I told you that Steve Baker was bent. I told you that Richard Tice was a moron. I told you Kate Hoey was thick as a butcher's turd. I told you the media was shit. I told you that Faisal Islam was a worm. I told you that Andre Neil was an intellectual pygmy. I told you James Delingpole was a massive dickhead. I told you that Daniel Hannan was a charlatan and a thief.

I told you that John Redwood and Owen Paterson were liars. I told you Boris Johnson was  a sociopath. I told you Brendan O'Neill was a bone idle manchild. I told you that Julia Dunning Kruger was a full-on robot douchebag. I told you many times that Andrew Lillico was a fully fledged lunatic. I told you that Ukip would disintegrate because they were too busy grunting about muslims.

I told you Steve Baker and Shanker Singham were frauds. I told you that the IEA were crooked. I told you the TPA was a sock puppet. I told you that Low Fact Chloe was light-bendingly dense. I told you Vote Leave were corrupt. I told you Matthew Elliott was a chancer. I told you right wing think tankery was bordering on the criminal. I told you the WTO option was stupid. I told you that Andrea Loathsome was thick as mince. I told you Rees-Mogg was a lying creep. I told you Andrea Jenkyns was thick as a castle wall. I told you Marcus Fysh was a piece of shit.

As to remainers, I told you pretty much what you already know. Most of their leading voices are blag artists on the make; fraudsters syphoning off tens of thousands for themselves. I told you politics was too broken to survive. I told you that the Labour party were an incoherent rabble. I told you Emily Thornberry was a bossy old windbag who knows fuck all. I told you Jolyon Maugham was a snake oil salesman. I told you Gina Miller was a pointless distraction.

I told you that Femi knows dick all about the EU. I told you that "EU Supergirl" was a self-serving narcissist. I told you that Jason Hunter was a liar and a conman. I told you that AC Grayling was a demented sociopath. I told you that the "Brexperts" were a self-referential bubble of no importance. I told you the Institute for Government produced derivative crap written by unsupervised teenagers. I told you that Westminster was a giant bubble of incompetence and self-regard. I told you that the FT were good-for-nothing plagiarist crocodile fodder.

All the while I told you that the analysis of Robert Peston, James O'Brien, Nick Robinson and Sophy Ridge wasn't worth using as toilet paper. I told you Allie Renison was a self-serving media whore. I told you Jonty Bloom was a wastrel and that Radio 4 was a waste of oxygen. I told you that David Allen Green was a self-regarding poser.

I also told you that we would need a plan. I also said that EEA was the best way to save jobs. I told you that Nick Boles was a carpetbagger. The mistake I made was telling you that Stephen Kinnock was sincere but I corrected myself just recently. I told you without a plan we would end up being either a vassal state or end up crashing out into the deep shit. I also told you that Babylon 5 is the greatest TV show ever made.

You often ask me if there is anyone I actually do respect. Well I can tell you the list is short. Oddly, that list is comprised of a few remainers. Joanna Cherry for instance. She's been on top of the issues for a while and she knows her own mind. In committee she has been exactly the sort of battleaxe any functioning democracy needs. The SNP and DUP have oddly proved to be more effective parliamentarians than any of the English mob. You don't have to respect the DUP but they have shown how to flex their muscles while a supine Labour party has cowered in the corner.

A few points outlined in this post are debatable and a few names can be added, but my overall question to you is; what have I been wrong about? Not much it seems. You can understand then, why so many in the bubble, keen to safeguard their little dung heaps gossip about me so often. If, as they assert, nobody was listening to me, they wouldn't need to gossip about me. Their main fear, confirmed by recent blog hits, is that people are gradually realising that I've been right all along. That's the one thing they cannot entertain.

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